6 Months Left… Can IIT-JEE be cracked now?

Well, the name is definitely suggestive (or so i hope). Many people have been asking this question from me, and i thought that i would rather write an article on it, for the collective good of every aspirant. Let’s crack JEE with only 5-6 months of preparation. Here it goes….

There is a lot that needs to be done…

  • Completion of two years of JEE syllabus, and that too in-depth.
  • Studying for the board examinations, including practicals.
  • Atleast two revisions of JEE syllabus.
  • Mock tests.

After all this, you might wonder…

How is it gonna be done? 

  • Anything is possible as long as you believe in your ability to do it. So, this becomes our first step to success. Make sure that you have complete belief in your abilities and then proceed.
  • Have an iron-strong will. Steel yourself to work more than you ever did, or ever though that you could do… Work more than words can express. Never waste your time. At the same time, stay healthy. Nothing can waste more time than becoming unhealthy.
  • Start off by studying theory of all the chapters of the syllabus, and practice some questions of each chapter one by one. While class 11 has important concepts, class 12 syllabus has more weightage in any exam. So, make sure that you are able to create a perfect balance between the two. In short, study class 11 syllabus just enough to understand the concepts. After that, work on strengthening your class 12 syllabus more. 6 months are all you have. Be wise.
  • Smart study will be your key to success here. Strengthen the parts of the syllabus that have a good weightage in the exam, yet are not as tough as other chapters. Spot these out and work on them more than other chapters.
  • NCERT is your god here, especially for chemistry. Make sure that inorganic and organic chemistry are covered extensively from NCERT. These will be very helpful for your scoring in the exam.
  • Social media, romantic relationships, extra-currics… all have to be put on hold here. Till your exams, that is.
  • For board exams, start studying for them a month before the main exams only. In this time, however, you have to still study your JEE syllabus in parallel. Keep this in mind.

Books : These books are to be done…


All the Best !

Aakash Kapoor

21 thoughts on “6 Months Left… Can IIT-JEE be cracked now?”

  1. Is fiitjee rsm module sufficient for graphs portion for jee?
    Or it is necessary to buy some books like cengage/ arihant play with graph ?

  2. I am in tenth. I am presently writing my board exams. Positive about acing every subject. I know 10th boards doesn’t matter.
    Moreover, I am living in the gulf! I’m have urged my parents to buy the mtg magazines and the Resonance DLPD, I have also enrolled into their ait as well. I have heard about no one to suggest any extra books, as muscat is a very small city. Do these above mentioned work fine along with the reference books. If I’m not asking too much. Could you suggest a time table, I would also be having to go for school (8hours), tuitions(2hours) and how much time to allot for jee self study?

    1. Yeah, it works well enough. However, seeing as you are in 10th and that there is a lot of time available with you, I would suggest you to head over to the books article and buy the highlighted books in the article, they will help. If they are available in Muscat, that is.
      As for time table, I would write an article on a. General time table for everyone pretty soon 🙂

      1. Today was my maths paper, i have done it pretty well I believe.( 84+/90) turns out others found it tough as the syllabi in the paper was totally out of prescribed text books. I have done Rd sharma rigorously, to which I must credit my good performance in the exam. Should I go for Rd sharma for 11th grade as well? Although you have suggested not to. And using tmh should be done along with the resonance modules parallel to each?

        1. That is great. RD Sharma is not very useful for JEE though. It’s good for knowing very basic or easy stuff but nothing when it comes to applications at the level of JEE Advanced. So, TMH is good. And the order doesn’t matter. Do it with or parallel or after coaching modules. It’s as u wish

  3. In the book review of RC Mukharjee it was mentioned that the book is good enough for Jee Mains only. So does solving N Avasthi along with it make the prep sufficient for Jee Advanced as well?

  4. I have heard that fiitjee rsm along with aits are a bit costly. What can be a substitute?
    I cannot purchase all the books you mentioned. Can u suggest some must solve books for iit jee preparation?

    1. Errmm, buy some other material like Bansal or maybe sit for a scholarship exam like FTRE to get discount on FIITJEE products
      Must solve books would be the ones I have highlighted

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