Do bad marks actually mean anything?

In  case you were wondering, bad marks do not mean anything significant, other than the fact that you did not fit into the standardized grading scheme of the examining body. By the way, this fact includes your college grades too. But then, grades are just a quantitative measure of your belief in the system and not a measure of your abilities or talent. 


In no way do these marks measure your talent, your intelligence, your creativity, your nature, and most importantly, you as a person.





So, no need to worry or even think about the bad marks in your exams. They would not ideally have any adverse effect later on in your life. Other things would matter more in life, like how you approach situations, how you handle interviews, how your leadership capabilities are, or how well can you work in a team, your practical skills, and how good a person you are.

No sensible person asks for your marks if you show your capabilities, expect perhaps the stereotypical “pados wale” (neighbours) people. So, relax.

These marks do not mean anything in your life, now and later on.

So, my simple piece of advice to you. Keep your head low, work hard.

All the best,

Aakash Kapoor

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  1. Hello,it’s me again (pradumna ) i had posted some questions a few weeks ago.

    So here’s a status update
    1. I had given onenof my aits on 27 (jee main computer based).
    2. And i got a decent score of 193. I would have got 200+ but lost a few marks in negative marking and marking the wrong option for questions which i got correct answer to.
    3.Also i usually complete my first skimming of the question paper in about 1 and 30hr and the rest of the time and i search for the odd one out questions where i can score a bit more marks. should i spend this time revising my previous questions or revising the questions which i attempted.
    4.Also i have registered for off line mode of mains do you know any good paper source for offline papers.
    5. Also should i write bitsat after advanced or before advanced.
    6. And what other exams other than mains,advanced and bitsat should i weite since the forms are coming out now.

    PS I just learnt about these science colleges known as IISERS which are through advanced and the rider is that for general category you need a rank under 10000 in advanced so is it possible to get a rank between 7000 and 5000 at this stage. Also can you please tell me the topics which are not there in main and which are there in advanced which I should do and also should I start logical reasoning and English for BITSAT right now or during May.

    Yours truly
    pradumna a sarwate

      1. Also I forgot to ask whether I should take my BITSAT all India test series right now or focus on the main one

        PS forgive me if I’m disturbing you too many times it’s just that I want to clear all my doubts and that I only use my phone at this time of the day because of my schedule for preparation

        1. You should take it after some time… say, start taking bitsat practice tests after your board examinations…sometime in April. That would help more. Right now, work on your preparation.

          And, don’t worry.Ask as many doubts as you please 🙂

    1. Your strategy of paper solving seems good. However, i would suggest you to increase the number of questions you attempt and try avoiding negative marking as much as you can. All to get that extra push to a great score of 250+… Higher score will anyways help.

      If you work hard on your chemistry, preparing from NCERT… and focus as much as you can on some of the important topics of physics and maths, like modern physics, optics, and thermodynamics, you can manage a decent rank in advance. Atleast, something in 4 digits is possible out of this. Keep that in mind. Focus on topics that you can easily understand… they will help boost your rank. And IISERs are great… a friend of mine is in one of them.

      I gave BITSAT after advanced as i was focussing mainly on advanced and did not want the possibility of a bad BITSAT paper to ruin my JEE-Advanced paper. However, I believe that, in your case, giving BITSAT before advanced would be helpful, and it would specially give you a confidence boost. For sure.

      There are exams for admissions to good universities like VIT, SRM, etc. Make sure you apply for these universities as a backup plan.

      Coming back to the way you attempted your paper, I believe you should spend more time reading and understanding the question to avoid loss of marks via silly mistakes. If you increase correct attempts more, I do not think that you would be left with time to revise anyways. So, revision might not be possible. Another thing you can experiment is intelligent guesswork. Better practice it now… would help a lot later.

      As for the BITSAT paper, having a decent command over English is recommended. Personally, I found that the ISC board level had kept me equipped enough for all of this. So, i needed no special preparation. Having practice over basic mental ability questions helps in the logical part So, you should devote some time to these type of questions, and English practice. However, not too much time should be devoted to these.

  2. Hi
    I just wanted to ask that for the questions you don’t get in the first attempt(after reading the theory) how should you go about them?

  3. hey bro please can you give the starting days of your jee prep. how you get motivated for jee and how you get habitual of handling pressure of jee. from start of 11th class

  4. Is it possible to get a rank under 200 in JEE ADVANCED if I start my preparation from today onwards?
    Although I have some idea about the basics of all the chapters of PCM..
    Please help.

  5. And also…I don’t have board exams to prepare for.
    I m willing to work like hell in order to get at that level.
    I have all the required study material like you have mentioned in your blog.
    Please help..

  6. Sir how to deal with exam anxiety? Tomorrow I have a major test in my Coaching institute. I have prepared well. But there is a fear in mind if I don’t do well in exam. How to overcome it

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