BITS-AT : The Complete Guide

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) is one of the most prestigious universities in India for under-graduate education. While earlier, BITS used to accept students based on their performance in their respective Boards, now it admits students exclusively on the basis of their performance in the reputed BITS-AT (BITS-Aptitude Test).

BITS-AT has a syllabus similar to the JEE-Advanced. However, there might be a couple of extra topics too…check on the official BITS site ( Let me guide you on the way that will lead you to success in this prestigious exam.

Life At BITS, Pilani (Source : One of my friends, Vasu, is a student at BITS, Pilani Campus) “BITS, Pilani is one of the best colleges on India. The teachers here are experienced, and we have top-notch facilities. The students are energetic, and an atmosphere of innovation is all around. Everyone here wishes to do something new, develop stuff… there is never a dull moment around. Moreover, BITS has an excellent reputation and outreach to the world…. this ensures that you end up with a good job. With all this in mind, i believe that this is inspiring enough to make any student work hard  to end up at BITS, Pilani. “

Tips for the exam : Firstly, BITS is one of the most important competitive exams occurring at the +2 level – NEVER TAKE IT LIGHTLY. Many people commit this mistake and end up nowhere. By this, I do not intend to say that be under-confident. BE Confident, neither over-confident nor under-confident. 

Secondly, practice a lot. BITS-AT is a lengthy paper (150 questions in 180 minutes !) and loads of candidates are unable to fully attempt it. The only way out is to have a high speed coupled with high accuracy, something that only rigorous practice can provide you. Additionally, it is an online exam and loads of candidates don’t have the experience of giving a paper online. Example, I had not given any online paper. Hence, i did not feel comfortable. It is difficult to sit in front of a computer screen for 3 straight hours, more so when you are constantly being bombed by tons of questions (Given that most of us use computer either for playing games, or social networking 😉 ). If you do not have the practice of attempting online exams, you will feel a constant urge to get up and leave the examination hall. (Source : I personally felt this).

Thirdly, make sure that you not only complete the entire paper but also attempt the extra 12 bonus questions. It is these 12 questions that will distinguish you from the others. I had attempted 11 of these and they really helped boost my score.

Preparation Tips : There are two types of candidates who shall be attempting BITS-AT : those who are preparing simultaneously for JEE, and those who are not.

For a candidate preparing for JEE (Main or Advanced), BITSAT will not be a very tough exam. Stick to your core JEE preparations… they will handle your BITSAT paper pretty well. (I belonged to this category)

For those who are preparing exclusively for BITSAT, my first suggestion would be to get acquainted with the syllabus as soon as it is possible. After having done that, start preparing topic by topic. Practice as many questions as possible, initially from some preparation book and after that, attempt as many mock tests as possible. Make sure that you have seen some of the past year papers (2011 to 2013 preferably…cuz from 2014, BITSAT became an online exam and no papers are available).

On the exam day, stay cool, calm and composed. All will be well if your preparation is sincere. BEST OF LUCK !

-Aakash Kapoor

(I gave BITS-AT in 2016 and scored 443/450 in this exam)

12 thoughts on “BITS-AT : The Complete Guide”

  1. Akash bhaiya, is there bitsat for 2018 or just one exam as per the rule of single entrance exam like neet

  2. Hello sir , Is RD Sharma objective (both parts ) , HCV complete enough for bitsat for the respective subject for practice beside the coaching material ? How much can I achieve in this exam if I challage myself to score 400 marks till BITS-AT 2018 ? Also I solve parts of A das gupta mcq (and not problem plus ) . Also are these books enough for mains exam if practiced and revised multiple times sincerely ?

    1. Well, these are enough if you understand all the concepts and can apply them to any level. If not, then you might need a better preparation. See, such questions I cannot answer because they are not a proper metric to assess your preparation by.

  3. Could you guide me how you were able to solve english ques..And secondly, how a was the level of exam at your time ? was it logical, conceptual, etc. ?
    My BITSAT exam is after 2 days !!

    1. I studied at an ISC School and had a good control over english from class 6th. So, it was natural for me.
      I found BITSAT easy to the extent of boring – i gave it half sleeping

    1. I never prepared for it as I had pretty strong English and Logical Reasoning from childhood only. You could use the specialized books for these prts of BITSAT for this

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