Breaking the Myth on Life at new IITs

Not everyone can get a seat with his/her desired branch in the top IITs so many students go for newer IITs as I did. A lot depends on those six hours which finally decide your fate. And remember, many students go through this dilemma regarding the life at new IITs, its campus, infrastructure, exposure etc. It’s obvious to be uncertain about a place you haven’t heard about much. So I decided to come up with something which may give you an insight into the life at newer IITs and also help you to get over with some myths (like not being as great as the old ones and that they are only taken by the low rankers )  prevalent about the newer IITs.  In 2008, 8 new IITs were established at Mandi, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Patna and Ropar.

 Some Advantages of being at new IITs:

  • STUDENTS TO FACULTY RATIO: is the best among the new IITs (yeah better than the old IITs too, IIT Ropar having the best student to teacher ratio close to 9:1) as newer IITs are aggressively trying to recruit well qualified faculties.
  • SMALLER BATCHES: The newer IITs admit around 40 students per discipline implying smaller batches and better student-professor interaction, and personal attention which is not possible in batch of 120 students. Imagine yourself in a batch of 100 students and then expect the teacher to know you by your name. Tough job ..isn’t it?
  • LESS POPULATION: Adding to it newer IITs have a group of around 600 students who’ve proven themselves at JEE and are heading forward to establish their own culture. Higher chances to represent their college at Inter IIT and other technical and cultural fests. And one knows almost all of his seniors and trust me we learn a lot from them.
  • CAMPUS: The 8 IITs established in 2008 have almost shifted to their permanent campus (except a few like IIT Jodhpur and IIT Ropar haven’t). Hence the major problem regarding campus is now getting resolved. Additionally some of these campuses are actually bigger than that of some old IITs (IIT Bhubaneswar is spread over 950 acres of land + around 50 acres of land near the coastal area) while IIT Mandi is said to have the most beautiful campus. Plus, you also get to live in newly built hostels and single rooms. That is something amazing.
  • PLACEMENT: being one of the most important aspects which students consider while taking admission (at least I considered it); and I can assure you placements are getting better and better every year and are on a rise. Many students at IIT Indore, Gandhinagar and Hyderabad bagged handsome packages by various IT companies.
  • CLUBS: Coming to clubs and societies, this is the place where the newer IITs tend to suffer, as these clubs are relatively new and still developing. But it is easier to get into the club because of less janta and competition. Less populations =>more opportunities.

Listing some cons too:


One of the most serious issue faced by the new IITs is the lack of Alumni base, while the old IITs are way ahead and have produced some notable Alumni. Although, this may improve after few years. Obviously because this factor as one may see, is proportional to the age of any institute.


Some of the new IITs are still working from their transit campus which at times create a complete mess. Hostels are situated far away from the academic area and students have to run to catch their bus to reach their class on time (this was the case at IIT Bhubaneswar till 2015).

Sports facilities etc

Sports facilities are still under construction –no proper ground, no courts and temporary auditorium. And Yes, the internet speed is not as good as compared to the old IITs (something that sucks!).


Well after putting both pros and cons together I would still say – it is the students who are responsible in making any institute. At IITs the best part I believe are the students who seek admissions into them after having cleared an exam whose level of difficulty is very well known to us. Being an IITian in itself is a privilege. And getting into a new IIT will bring you the responsibility of being the face of your college and making it live up to the global expectations from it that are due to the name it bears – IIT. Err..A challenging job..right? But then, what are we IITians for!

All the best!!

Feel free to get in touch for more infoJ


Prakhar Agrawal

CS UG IIT Bhubaneswar

7 thoughts on “Breaking the Myth on Life at new IITs”

  1. Aakash brother,
    I am a less successful candidate of JEE 2k16. I am presently in VIT Vellore. Pursuing B Tech Mechanical Engineering. I am thinking to reappear for JEE once again. Filled the form.. I am confused. Whether should I opt for IITs or rest with VIT.

    I am asking you because many people are accusing me of not getting in IIT and landing up in VIT. I prepared again but still I feel shall I opt IIT or VIT.

    Please give your views and advice too.. I m in need of it.

  2. Thanks Aakash your words were very energetic. I m feeling some confidence in me.

    I will definitely try for IIT JEE. And yes I will remember your advice too.

    Thanks again.

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