Why is cheating in exams considered wrong?

As a lesson in moral values, we are taught never to cheat, especially in exams. It leads to people shunning cheaters in many cases. However, this attitude also helps create more cheaters, simply because a lesson not substantiated with clearly visible logic is often viewed by people as a doctrine to violate. So then, why is cheating in exams considered a wrong thing to do?

The answer to the question asked is simple….Why do you think exams are conducted in the first place?

Just so that you know how well have you been able to grasp something and how much hard work you need to further put in in order to ensure that you understand the subject fully.

Education, after all, is so that you are able to garner skills which can be used by you later on in your life.

Get what i am saying?

You can pass an exam by cheating but when the usage of the subject comes in your life, then you shall fall short. Hence, cheating is considered unethical, for your own sake only . So that you do not fool yourself.

Hope i have answered satisfactorily….

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