How to crack JEE in just one year !

Well, this is an extremely important question for many, especially those who haven’t studied a bit in class 11. Now, there is one year in your hands to prepare for the coveted JEE. Let’s get down to business quickly.

Make sure that you follow all these :

  • Have a proper timetable and daily/weekly targets (as they suit you). If you have these, then it is a step in the right direction. If not, then start doing so.
  • Make sure that you revise class 11th syllabus parallel to covering class 12th syllabus.
  • Make sure that you do this by regularly solving questions of class 11 on a daily basis and reading theory on a fortnightly basis.
  • Do not get distracted by a pile of material. Choose one that you are comfortable with, and follow it religiously. For recommended material to follow, see my post on the recommended books.
  • Make sure that you do atleast 4–5 hrs of self study (if you go to school and coaching). If you sit at home, devote atleast 10 hrs of daily study
  • Make sure that you never give up and always have your targets set in front of your eyes. 
  • Don’t use things that distract you – like gadgets, television, or relationships, etc.
  • Make sure that you keep your mind fresh daily.
  • Stay healthy, so that time is not wasted in getting fit again. Time is of utmost importance, given that you only have one year. 
  • Follow the books that are recommended to you by teachers or by me. Works both ways 😉
  • Give a lot of mock tests, especially the last year papers. They are an extremely important resource.
  • Revise again and again, infinitely. 
  • Don’t neglect inorganic chemistry, EVER !

Trust me, I followed all of these things… and i got AIR 95….

So, All the best,

Aakash Kapoor

13 thoughts on “How to crack JEE in just one year !”

      1. I m appearing for jee 2018 .Though i worked hard during my 11th but not in a right way which i came to know after viewing my results of AIOT (test series).Now i feel that I have to practice both 11th and 12th simultaneouly
        Please recommend me the right books which i should follow completely keeping in mind that I have just a year left to prepare for jee.

  1. Hey sir , I just want to know if there is any dropper who miserably failed in his first attempt but performed exceptionally well in his second attempt.The reason why I am asking is because as far as I have seen droppers the improve their JEE Main score only by a margin of 30 – 50 marks , and hence not a ton lot of improvement , so I am getting a psychological feeling that a droppers can’t improve much in there second chance . Please can you tell me if it’s possible for a dropper to beat the odds by with unbelievable great rank . (Anyways ,I would like to see an article on how a dropper should efficiently uses his time for preparation and excel with flying colours)

    1. It happens. Take for example a guy of Resonance Kota. He failed in first attempt but got a rank of 382 in the next attempt. Now he got a placement of 1 crore per annum from microsoft. So you see it is not dependent on whether it’s ur first attempt or not. I will try to get in contact with him and publish an article on the same. But just believe on what Obama said – “Yes you can”

  2. i am loosing some hope, but i want to make it to iit taking drop but i am not that confident that i will make it so please help (i beleive i can but due to lack of consistency i am getting a bit depressed too). (i did not solved questions too precisely very less because i use to think that i forget the concepts if i do questions now so i use to hold the task and think that i will do these at last but now i am in trouble… )

  3. I am presently in 12 the.i am good at understanding concepts in physics and maths( coz i love phy, math )but I don’t practice much jee questions past 2 years.i won’t get into an IIT this year due to lack of practice.if I drop an year how can I crack jee air under 200 ? how can I make my concepts crystal clear in one year and bag a rank below 200?

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