Fearful Steps : How to study Maths?

How to attain focus and accuracy in Maths? Don’t know? Read on to find the suggestions and advises of Jayesh Karda, senior Mathematics faculty and guru of Aakash Kapoor(AIR-95 in JEE, 2016).

Aahhh..the horror ! *falls to the ground*

Isn’t this what happens when you start solving maths questions? Well, many people would connect with it… I have seen loads of students do so (atleast, in class). Being a Maths teacher, I have found that this is one subject most of the students are afraid of. This fear manifests itself in various forms : Low scores in Maths, unwillingness to solve Maths, and an overall lack of confidence.

“Darr ke aage jeet hai” (Beyond fear, there is victory)…. Just remember this. This is the only philosophy that will get you through maths.

Without further ado,  here as some DO’s & DON’Ts for improving your studies :

  • Focus on improving your problem solving speed. Keep in mind that a ‘one-night stand’ would not work here. This requires continuous rigorous practice.
  • Drill yourself with regular numerical problems. This will ensure that by the time you go for the actual exams, you will develop a knack for  recognizing the type of problem and the approach needed to solve it…. just by looking at it !
  • Take time-bound practice tests, in an exam-stimulated environment at home. This would serve as the key to an optimal performance. Taking tests would help you achieve the necessary Speed vs Accuracy level needed for the exam.
  • Analyse all of your practice/coaching test results. Spot loopholes in them and work on them with a priority order : Start off with weak topics first.
  • Mind It ! Don’t forget the current topic being covered in your coaching/self-study.
  • Avoid superficial study and pay attention to details. Concepts are the basis on which you should base your studies… not on mugging up.
  • Develop a feel for each unit you cover. You haven’t done it all till you haven’t felt it
  • Prepare flash-notes of every chapter. They should ideally be consisting of important results, formulae and theorems. Review them on a regular basis. This would give you a confidence boost in problem solving and would save your time whenever you revise.
  • Develop logical thinking…  
  • Discard stray thoughts and avoid social media. These have a severe impact on your performance. 

Only attending coaching class would not result in cracking JEE. Self-study is what creates the difference – Spending time on concepts, derivations and problem solving.

Take breaks between study sessions. Play your favourite sports to keep yourself fit and rejuvenated. Remember that fitness is very important during your preparations.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

With these words, I conclude.  All the best,

Jayesh Karda


15 thoughts on “Fearful Steps : How to study Maths?”

    1. To develop intuition in maths, the only way is to practice infintely. And observe your solutions… Try to think of more than one method of questions solving. That is all, i think

          1. Sir I m preparing for jee 2018 and our classes are commencing right from next week but my 11th maths is not that strong .Though I studied from our coaching material by allen and solved it too but i m not able to solve questions of mathematics section during monthly test.and soon we will have to encounter calculus so how can i make a balance between 11th topics (weaker ones) and 12th calculus?.Do i need to switch to some other material also?

  1. Did you start solving A DasGupta as soon as you finished a chapter in coaching or did you do it in a simultaneous manner along with your coaching and regarding Physics except H.C. Verma which other book did you used to do.

    Thank you in Advance

    1. You first did the chapter in TMH and then went to A DasGupta . Did you use S.K. Goyal in Algebra after finishing the syllabus(during revision) .
      In Physics after finishing the syllabus you did Irodov and Krotov ?
      When did you finish your class eleventh syllabus by ?

      Sorry for asking so many questions…..

      1. First did coaching material then a das after a month or so. I used tmh as revision.
        Irodov i did after a month of chapter coverage. Krotov at the end.
        Class 11 syllabus finished in March

  2. Can you please recommend a good book for complex numbers as I am finding it quite a tough chapter? Do you think I should go for TMH?

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