Important Tips for the Online Mode of KVPY

Note: This post covers only the aspects of Online Mode of KVPY Examination. We will soon be coming with the subject related tips and tricks and will give you KVPY preparation guidance in upcoming articles.

As we know from 2016, KVPY will be conducted in online mode (computer based) only. There will be no pen and paper based exam (offline) this year.

How to write KVPY online examination effectively and efficiently?

For KVPY-SA aspirants, this may be the first time you’ll be giving an online examination unless you have already faced other competitive or Olympiad exams in online mode in previous classes.

For the first timers, there is nothing to worry about the online test. KVPY online exam will be very comfortable if you practice online mock tests well in advance. Sample practice test is available on the official KVPY site. You can also explore model papers provided by IIT-JEE coaching providers.

Important points to be kept in mind for KVPY Online Examination:

  1. MOCK TESTS – Start giving online mock tests for KVPY (minimum one per week). However, there is no hard fast rule. You can practice KVPY online tests one month or 15 days before the exam also. It’s all about enough practice before the KVPY online exam.
  2. ENVIRONMENT WHERE YOU PRACTICE -Make sure that whenever you attempt online mock tests, you sit in a place which is free from external distraction/outside interference. The examination center where you take KVPY online exam is full of other students and the pressure of real exam is always different from the condition you face in your own ‘sweet’ study room. So, a good practice environment can be made inside your own room by cutting the ‘time limit’. This is because the real exam environment always decreases your efficiency. Make your time limit in such a way that any mock test you are attempting should end up 15-20 minutes earlier than the time limit of real exam.Say for example, there is a 3 hr exam of KVPY… While attempting the mock test in your room finish it by 2 hrs and 40 minutes. Consider the fact that the real exam environment will slow you down and will decrease your efficiency. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t know what ‘boiling’conditions you would face on the ‘D-day’.
  3. REVIEWING QUESTIONS – Careful reading of questions and understanding them is critical in the KVPY exam. When you are not 100% sure of the correct answer, you can mark the question for review and come back to it after finishing the other questions.                                                         
  4. READING THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY  Read the instructions carefully about how to answer questions, how to use the “mark for review” facility, about moving to the next question and shuffling between questions. The instructions given in the KVPY exam will be the mostly like in KVPY mock test. Reading them each time before attempting a test makes you aware of everything well in advance.
  5. AVOID UNNECESSARY WASTAGE OF TIME – On the top right side of right section there will be option of “Question Paper” where you can see full paper (all sections) in a new internal window. But the thing is, will you find it useful? In any case, just don’t waste unnecessary time with that option or any other option like this.
  6.  USEFUL THINGS – In the question panel (left side), on top right, there is a “calculator” option which you can use by clicking on it. Below it will be the “Time left”. Watch carefully for these useful things. They will help you.
  7. ROUGH SHEETS – These will be provided to you at your exam centre. Use them clearly for each question. In case you need to go back to a question for review, it will be handy.

KVPY SX aspirants, Class 12th Maths/Bio sections. A good KVPY online mode experience will encourage you to choose JEE-Main Online and any online PMT test going to be held in 2017, if you are simultaneously preparing for IIT JEE/PMT – 2017 also.

KVPY SB aspirants (less number of students in comparison to SA and SX) may be already aware of the online examination concept, and will not face much problem.

For students who are thinking – Why KVPY will be conducted in online mode only?

KVPY online mode of examination will not only bring some extra advantage to students but it also makes the complete examination system safe, secure and faster.

We will soon be coming with an In-Depth KVPY preparation guide for you to effectively use the remaining two and a half months in order to clear KVPY Stage I.



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