The most important topics in JEE Main & Advanced…

Hey guys, i found this to be an extremely important topic to be discussed upon. After all, these topics do play an important role in your preparation. Some details about me before i begin… my JEE-Main AIR was 193 and my JEE-Advanced AIR was 95. There are some topics which are given more importance in both these, and most of these are common. So, let us take a quick look at the most important topics for JEE – Main and Advanced.

In the chapters exclusive to JEE-Main, there are certain chapters that are much more important than others. These are : Semiconductors, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Statistics. For sure, they will have about 16-20 marks weightage. Additionally, they are damn easy. So, working on these is worth it. 

Another point worth remembering is that in JEE-Main, physical chemistry is given much more importance than other parts of chemistry. However, the chemistry paper of JEE-Advanced is overall balanced, with equal weightage given to each section of chemistry.

For the parts common to JEE-Advanced and JEE-Main,

Mathematics –  Calculus and Co-ordinate geometry are two parts which cover almost 60% of the paper so try to practice them till perfection. However, the chapter on Vectors and 3D Geometry is damn easy as well as having a high weightage. So, work on it.

Physics – Centre of mass, SHM, Rotational mechanics, electrostatics are quite important from the point of view of the exam. Together, they have a good weightage (about 40%) of the physics paper. However, they are tough. On the other hand, modern physics, geometrical optics and thermodynamics are fairly easy and have huge weightage too (about 40%). So, figure it out.

Chemistry – Inorganic it is most scoring part of JEE chemistry, if studied from correct sources (read : NCERT). Additionally, the memorizing chapters of organic chemistry like Biomolecules, Polymers and Practical Organic Chemistry are easy and high-scoring. In physical chemistry, ionic equilibrium and electrochemistry are important chapters.

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Aakash Kapoor

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