JEE – A Game of Perseverance (By Rahul Agrawal, JEE-2016 AIR 485)

So, as the title speaks, as far as I think, JEE  is more of a game of perseverance wherein your biggest challenge is your patience and not your raw talent and knowledge. However, I don’t have any intentions of offending all those who are currently preparing for JEE or have cracked it.

JEE-Adv in its current form is a 6-hour paper(2 papers of 3 hours each) which challenges one’s ability to basically read, think and write together. And believe me, that’s not an easy thing to do even for the brightest brains in the country.

The division of JEE paper in 3 very broad subjects- physics, chemistry and maths basically tests who’s the best overall package and that’s why at times even International Olympiad medalists screw up their papers. Usually (I mean last 2-3 years) either of the papers is more of a calculation based paper where you have 3 hours for 60 questions – mostly multiple correct (I personally observed that JEE is gonna be a nightmare if you’re someone who crams up things)

Having said that, the other paper is something more conceptual, somewhat like the Olympiad papers which tests your understanding a bit more than your calculation ability. (NOTE-I clearly do not intend to say that you won’t have to do some highly involved calculations in the paper)

So coming back to the title I wrote above , for me JEE paper and, more importantly, its preparation was a long game where you take baby steps… Starting off probably as a carefree kid and ending up as a sincere young adult (at least that’s something I personally felt within  me). I firmly believe that the preparation should  begin as early as Class 11 itself. Mastering  the art of re-practicing things again and again is the key to success in this paper.

Some common questions I have usually come across are : 

  1. How to start on the right foot ?
  2. How much time must be devoted to studies? 
  3. Is a dummy school better than regular school?

So, here are my answers –

  1. JEE preparation isn’t a cakewalk. To begin with , start making good notes of whatever you have studied or have been taught . NOTE-Please  do proofread whatever has been taught to you by referring to some standard text books on the topic(Please : Refrain from using books made specifically for JEE and start reading books of renowned authors like -Peter Atkins , J D Lee , Solomons’, etc)
  2. Well this is something I find both interesting and stupid. My preparation strategy relied on  a simple statement –Do what you love , love what you do. What I would like to advice is that number of hours must depend on your ability to grasp things ,the depth of the subject and your specific interest . Fixing no of hours won’t do any good, believe me!
  3. Straight and straight forward ( at least for me) : Dummy Schools can never offer things which regular schools do.

I would have loved to write more but those things are  a bit more involved. I’ll be writing more about relevant books, exam strategy and ideal notes. Hope you will find something useful.

Cheers !


JEE-ADV 2016- AIR 485

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