JEE : Let’s Begin this fantastic journey !

To all my friends who have decided to prepare for the JEE and carry the ambition to crack it with an awesome rank, this post might help you to get the motivation and know all the mistakes that you could avoid during this journey.

After all, a good start is what you need right now.

With the starting of your 11th , you must have realized that things are no longer the same. If that’s not the case, take a deep breath and get the picture that a whole lot of syllabus awaits you and time is passing by. SO HUSTLE UP!

Personally, I would suggest you to join a reputed Coaching Institute. It will not only help you prepare in a planned way but will also provide you an energized and competitive atmosphere.

Trust me when i say that nothing improves your level better than a healthy competition.

BE PATIENT. There is so much to consume that it’s natural to have a questioning mind. But, understand that all your doubts and all your confusions can not be sorted out in day or as a matter of fact, not even in a month. It will take it’s time. At times you may find things irrelevant. Example, till now you had only chemical reactions with reactants and products, but now you will see that there is a whole lot more to a simple chemical reaction with the limiting reagents, stoichiometry, chemical balancing, n-factor, yield of the reaction, equilibrium and thermodynamics etc. The trigonometry that you used to play with till now will present you with loads of formulas. In physics, Mechanics might scare you a bit ( It took me time to gain confidence in mechanics). But if you are PERSISTENT , then trust me it won’t take time . Because that is what helped me get over my weak areas . So the key is persistence.

When problems seem insurmountable, quitting may look like the easiest way out. Remember that Giving Up is not an option.



  • Increase your sitting hours : Move on from your old habit of relaxing. This might have worked till 10th but for JEE IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU GIVE AT LEAST 6 HOURS A DAY (other than school hours) to sincere study . Well, you may need to increase it later. And if you have coaching or tutions manage it accordingly but try to give 3 hours of self study , that is must.
  • Use selected books : (Check Out Our Article on Books) Do not go with each and every book that you have been suggested with. You will end up in a mess. Make Notes. Give them importance. You will need them the most during exam times, the last moment preparation. I particularly had short notes of very simple topics too, say for example errors and analysis, as I had a habit of forgetting it again and again.
  • Every day is important : Over achieve what you did the last day. Actually, very few are born genius. The others like us, all we have is our hard work and dedication and that itself is more than sufficient to make a difference. DO NOT WASTE TIME.
  • Choose your friends wisely : Yes, this is important. Get into a circle that will keep you motivated throughout.
  • Stay away from any kind of distractions : Things might tempt you but make yourself mentally strong enough to not to lose focus. The way you use the time you have has the power to shape your entire future. So, realize it’s importance.

Summing up, all you need is to be charged up and have faith in yourself. Your WILL POWER can make you achieve all the things that you dream about. Make the best use of the time and resources available so that at the end you will leave with success and happy memories of your journey.

All the best with your preparation. Feel free to ask anything regarding the post.

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Shaivy Adhikari

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