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JEE MAIN 2017 – Offline                                      April  2nd , 2017

JEE MAIN 2017 – Online                                      April 8th and 9th , 2017

Have you filled your JEE MAIN registration form? If yes, what did you opt for – Online or Offline Exam? And if no, then are you still confused between online or offline exam choice and are taking suggestions from seniors, teachers and mentors as what would be best? Do you think this decision will hold a major part in your JEE MAIN performance?

YES, this decision plays a major role in your performance but it is not because one of these patterns is easier than the other, but it is because your confidence over whatever choice you make should be strong and your belief in your preparation is what will pay you off at the end.

Fact is, it not at all depends on what mode you choose. What matters is how sure you are about your preparation. Often students end up blaming the JEE pattern they chose for their poor marks. Think about it, if it really has to do with the pattern, how come there are good performers from both these modes.

Some common myths or doubts that I have answered based on my experience of giving JEE MAIN – 2015 Online Exam and JEE MAIN – 2016 Offline Exam.


Well, to be honest none of them is easier than the other. It so happens that subtle topics in one of these modes might be tougher or easier than the other. And based on the topic you are strong or weak at, you may find one of these papers easy and the other comparatively tough accordingly.

All the papers are set keeping in mind that they offer equal difficulty level. When I gave online paper, I felt that the online papers of that year were comparatively tough. However, when I gave offline this year, I felt the other way i.e. the offline mode being more tricky only to realize that it’s all relative.


  • If you are mainly concerned about JEE MAIN and not JEE ADVANCED and if you have no issue in sitting in front of computer screen for long hours giving the paper, then going with the online mode is a good way to go.
  • If you mainly aim for JEE ADVANCED, it shouldn’t matter which mode you choose. And nor should the time duration of one week between online and offline paper be much of a concern.

The one week dilemma… 

To think that JEE MAIN online gives you more time for revision after boards but leaves less time for ADVANCED whereas JEE MAIN offline gives more time for ADVANCED but less time for MAINS is obvious. But while studying for ADVANCED, no matter what mode of exam you choose, you will be studying both before and after MAINS. So decision should be made on the basis of what mode you think would help you score high, as high as you can rather than being concerned about the time available for preparation.

Most of us are mainly used to the pen-paper mode because we have been giving most of the tests in that pattern, scratching around the question paper, using the rough space provided, marking in the questions itself etc. But it is easy to get along with the online version too. Few months of practice before the exam and you will get used to it. Plus, they provide you with rough papers as much as you want during the exam. If it’s all about the practice, then that could be done with online paper easily and before time. However, a more important factor should be that . . . .


Like many, even I had this problem of making mistake while filling bubbles in OMR. JEE online assured that I made no such mistake and at the end none of my answers were marked wrong. However this year, when I gave the offline paper, I again ended up making few OMR mistakes. Point is, if you feel you can save your OMR mistakes using the online mode, go with it. 🙂


This reason that offline paper allows you to have a complete look on all the questions whereas in online you can only check the number of questions attempted or marked for review is pointless. But, since I have come across such questions, I would say this does not make any difference. 1.5 hours with the paper and you have read almost all the questions at least once by then, be it online or offline and you have a mental image of which portion you have left unattempted and which not. Complete overview does not make any difference as I said.

You may get better facilities at the online center as there is less crowd. You may come across weird invigilators in any of these centers. You may find it hot and humid in your exam center if it is offline center as there online centers usually have AC. Your system might hang for no reason and then although you will be given complete time but you would have been distracted already. All I would say is, PREPARE WELL. Well enough that these minor factors do not end up leaving a major impact on your paper. And nothing but your preparation and confidence would help you perform great.

All the best. . .
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Shaivy Adhikari 
IIT Roorkee

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