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Over a period of time, the authorities and government have enhanced the relevance of board exams in the overall selection process of IIT’s and NIT’s significantly. Earlier JEE-Main ranks were calculated on the basis normalized score of your respective board marks and JEE-Main marks. This was before 2016.

Current condition :

“The Union Ministry of Human Resources has decided that class XII marks will not be a factor for determining rankings in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission to engineering undergraduate courses from 2016″. 

From 2017, Board performance will not be a parameter for the evaluation of JEE-Main ranking (unlike in the case of 2013-16 aspirants).  You all are definitely luckier!

I have gone through that phase and I know the dilemma in the mind of the students. Hence, I would strongly advise you to concentrate more on JEE Main and Advanced. I am not asking you to completely neglect the boards and just run for JEE…. but if you are seriously studying for JEE, you would probably score decent marks in boards. As about 95% of the syllabus is same, it should not pose too much of a problem.


Follow this Golden RuleFor the first 1 year and 10 months if you prepare for JEE without even thinking of Boards, you will be in extremely good shape. Boards have more of a repetitive nature, they ask questions that have been asked earlier in the boards. Considering the theory part, there generally is not much need to remember definitions. Instead, try to understand them, and then write them in your own language. Your school teachers may not accept the answers and would most likely give you a big “0 coupled with a lecture on the importance of writing the exact words used in NCERT (Source : Personal Experience).However, Board examiners do not give much emphasis on this. So, don’t worry about what your teacher says.

The rest of it is numerical questions ….which most people are good at. Do Not skip steps while solving a numerical. Steps are crucial and marks are allotted to each step.

Another thing which I have noticed is that students complain about the questions based on proving certain formulae. However, you should be aware of the fact that derivations are very important…both for Boards and JEE, although in a different way. While JEE will base questions on concepts, Boards will base questions on the formula itself. Both of these things are covered in a derivation.


ENGLISH – CBSE English is quite easy. Read the literature books multiple times, but do not devote too much time on it… a couple of hours a week ought to suffice. I read the whole novel prescribed in the syllabus (In my case, The Invisible Man) just 3-4 days before the Board exams. Despite having no interest in literature, I scored 96/100 in English.

OPTIONAL SUBJECT- CBSE gives a lot of choices regarding optional subjects. I took Computer Science as the optional subject. I knew a bit of programming because I had studied JAVA in class X. I would suggest you to take Computer Science as your optional subject if you have some prior knowledge of coding. Physical education is also be a good choice. It is, perhaps, the easiest subject for a science student. For a good score in this, all you will need are quality notes, previous year papers and a good mugging capability!

BOOKS- NCERT books are more than enough. Do not forget to solve ‘The CBSE Chapter wise questions of previous year board exam‘. Trust me, board questions are repeated. Hence, be sure to encounter loads of questions from the “Previous Years’ Papers” book.

All the best ! Feel free to ask anything. 🙂

-Prakhar Agarwal

16 thoughts on “JEE vs CBSE Board”

  1. I get 72% marks in BOARD this year n in mains 112 mks and in advance 87. But for next year I have opportunity to also prepare for BOARD then it possible that I will crack JEE?
    I have full confident that I will do but as you topper have more experience of study than me?

    1. Sorry for the extreme delay. Some one marked your comment as read amd I was unable to check. What have you decided to do now? Please reply so that in case you need any tips, I can reply.
      Sorry again. Won’t happen again.

  2. But the preoblem arise when school syllabi (or boards)dont cover topics in jee work power energy is going and there fluid there arise a big problem to those who go they r confused which to do .if they put time on boards then they have to sacrifice on jee stuff (2hr or so as i talking abt all 3 subject)which isnt a small time.and also there are tests in school due to which it bcmes risky and hard to neglect the thung taught in plz tell in this case what shld b done

  3. did u studied gravity chapter seprately?i also aim for ipho .shld i do this chapter seprately?or it will fully covered in 12th class?

  4. Do you think that we should study for school regularly and separately each week/day or neglect it until the exams approach. I am in eleventh class currently.

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