JoSAA Tips : IIITs and GFTIs

Well, the name pretty well covers it… Government Funded institutes and Indian Institutes…hell, they are premium institutes of India. And, well, you know ….there is cut-throat competition called ….er, i guess… JEE-Main….. which decided the admission to these premium Institutes of India. I am pretty  sure loads of you would want to land up in one of these Institutes…for sure. That is obvious too, given the benefits you accrue on studying in these institutes. You get a nice career, really nice environment… err, cheaper fees than private colleges. And, um, the most important… relatively subsidized canteen rates :p . Pretty much important for my foodie friends i guess…. i am one.

So, to sum it all. These colleges are basically the dream destinations of a lot of students. However, what college and branch you land up in is  decided by your JEE-Main Rank. This is the most important reason, i believe, for the large number of candidates appearing for JEE-Main (about 14 lakh to 15 lakh kids… Phew!).

Now, at this time when the results of JEE-Main are about to be announced, tensions must be sky-high … I mean, this is the time when you would see a typical case

Indian Neighbour : ” Beta, kahaan jaa rahe ho and kis branch main? “

Student : “Uncle, ABC branch in XYZ College ” (ABC and XYZ = fill yourself)

Indian Neighbour (to student) : “Very good beta..proud of u”

Indian  Neighbour (to others) : “Bada nalayak bacha hai. Kuch nahi hoga iska.”

😉 😉 🙂 

We Indians have seen it all, haven’t we? Anyways, let us not digress here. 

So, the question is branch vs college…. well, technically speaking both are important. Let’s take a look at the pros of both…and what should be your choice ->

Now, what we believe is that this is a very personal decision. However, we shall just give you a few pointers to help you take this decision more smoothly.

There are certain benefits attached to choosing your own branch.

  • You get to work in the field of your choice. Most likely you will find your co-students to be passionate about your field. This will be a big boost for you.
  • Working in something that you are interested in makes sure that your work is more efficient and professional. Also, it helps your mind evolve.
  • More often that not, the branch of your choice ascertains a high CGPA for you…something that will matter a lot later on. 

There are also certain benefits attached to choosing your own college.

  • As you get a better college, you can try to work hard in the first year to get a Department Change to your preferred branch. This will ensure that you get your college and branch, both. However, be sure that only few students make it as the competition is tough here.
  • Companies seeking future employees are often affected by the College name and repute. 
  • A good college tag also helps you getting scholarships for admission to other institutes for higher studies.

SO, basically, these are our views. Usually, we would not take sides… as it is a personal decision. But, well, for NITs, you should prefer a good branch. 

To help you take a decision, given below is the counselling data on IIIT/GFTI Rank vs Branch.

IIIT/GFTI Branch vs Rank 2014

Best of luck, 

Aakash Kapoor (AIR-95)

Let me know what you think in the comments below !

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