Journey from a back-bencher to IIT Dhanbad

After completing my 10th std, I took admission in a school integrated program of Bansal Classes. I had a dream. The dream was to crack JEE, make my family proud by becoming an IITian. Study materials, faculty and everything was at par with the JEE prep at Bansals but unfortunately I just got off the track and lost my interest in studies and got completely slipped away from the dream of my life:- “CRACKING IIT JEE”. I became a back bencher in the classroom least bothered about any kind of homework or practicing problems.


Likewise two years passed and when the time came, I was not able to clear JEE Advanced. This was a major setback for me. All my dreams were scattered the moment JEE results were declared. I overcame this tough period but the dream was still alive – ‘to be known as an IITian’. So I decided to take a drop and go to Kota to prepare for JEE. This time I didn’t lose focus. I transformed myself. I did a lot of hard work and all that hard work paid me off. I cracked JEE 2016.


This was my story, “A transformation from a back bencher to an IITian”. Short but hopefully inspiring. You learn a lot many things from your experience but I believe, only if you are able to pass it on to others who are going through a similar phase so that they don’t repeat your mistakes, your experience proves it’s worth.  All I wanted to convey is that hard work does pay off. When I came to Kota after wasting my two precious years, I started a fresh page of my life and worked hard to crack IIT-JEE and cracked it and lived my dream of getting into an IIT. I learnt a lesson that anyone who face a setback in his or her life at some point of time can start again from the beginning irrespective of all hurdles. You always have the ability to fulfill your dreams like I fulfilled mine.

Right now, I am at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, studying Electronics and Communication. The nomenclature of ISM to IIT this year has brought huge relief to me as well as many students studying here.

After entering IIT Dhanbad and knowing about its glorious past I was really happy and amazed. The faculty, the administration and especially the campus is very good here. The city of Dhanbad is located in the mineral rich region of India and is the third oldest institute which got converted into an IIT after Roorkee and BHU. It was established by the British Indian Government. It also has collaboration with several foreign universities.

Why I feel proud to be at IIT Dhanbad?

I can provide plenty of reasons but the prime being that it is one of the most prestigious institute that our country has and the campus life that it provides is at par with any other IIT.

So far, I have learnt a lot about this institution. Due to the strict rules of the institute against ragging, we were not allowed to go anywhere in our initial days and were accompanied by guards whenever we had to go for our lectures. But now as the rules have been relaxed we can go out of our hostels in small groups.

The campus is quite big, with high-class infrastructure. The place has got a home like atmosphere. All in all, the campus is extremely beautiful and serene. Frankly, it bears no resemblance to what people think of Dhanbad (it’s not all mines!)


Our manufacturing classes have started and we have been alloted different workshops. Like I have been allotted ‘Smithy Workshop’ and the warehouses where we practice them are awesome. Academics are at a complete new level here. Mining engineering and other allied branches like petroleum engineering of other colleges does not even come close to ISM Dhanbad’s stature.

SAC (Students Activity Center) consists of almost all indoor games, gym and of course the swimming pool. As the name suggests, it is for refreshment so that students can give time to extra co-curricular activities apart from their studies. Any major IIT can not be discussed completely without the mention of its fests…Major fests of IIT Dhanbad –

  1. Concetto( Tech Fest):  various events and workshops are organized. Participants register from all over the country.  DJ nights are also organized.  Sunburn came this year.
  2. Basant(Spring Season Festival) : In this fest, ISM invites its alumni and there is a big dinner party plus various concerts. Senior-Junior Interaction is the main moto of this event.
  3. Srijan: This is our cultural fest. Various competitions of singing, dancing and quizzes takes place. Participants come from all over the country. And it’s a blast, literally. Celebrities also bless it with their concerts.
  4. And there we’ve ‘Pratibimb’ and ‘Parakram’….Pratibimb is inter-branch competition and Parakram is annual sport meet. You should hit Youtube and you will know what I am trying to tell. 😀

Believe me when I say that life here is at a completely new level. There is so much to explore. Even I feel amateur to comment on this right now. But I would stay connected and let you know more aspects of the campus life here at IIT-Dhanbad.


Prabhu Kumar
Electronics and communications, IIT Dhanbad

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