Kota : It’s not worth it…

Hey guys, now this is a question I have seen a lot of you ask… or atleast something you would have considered atleast once before starting your JEE/AIIMS preparation : Should I prepare at Kota ?

For those of you who do not know Kota, it is the so called ‘Mecca of IIT-JEE Preparation’. Here, all the biggest coaching institutes have been established, having extremely dedicated and experienced faculty to train kids for the toughest exams of India – JEE and AIIMS.  

These teachers have huge salaries, fame as much as that of some rock star, and respect as much as it can get. However, in a place where teachers are regularly changed in exchange for money, can teaching actually be done? Can a student actually study in a place he/she is not comfortable with? Is a JEE rank that important?

Open YouTube, and you can find countless videos that focus on suicides in Kota, etc. While I am in no way raising any allegation against anyone, I just wish to open the eyes of students and their families who flock to Kota, with dreams in their eyes….

99% — Yeah, that is the failure rate of Kota…. Huge, ain’t it? Still think Kota is the place for sure shot admission to IITs? I do not think so…

So many places have better success rates. Even your home town would have better success rates. But no one focuses on this. Everyone focusses on the number of kids from Kota that make it through, not how much percentage of kids made it through….

It is the percentage that matters, after all. It is no big deal to produce 10 good phones after 1000 other phones produced burst on charging. Similarly, there is no magic in Kota. Nothing ! 

I have not studied at Kota, yet i have a double digit rank. Do you know why? The magic is not in the place you go to study, neither is it in your teachers, or the material you have been exposed too. Teachers and study material are still contributing factors to success. But the point is that the magic is in you yourself, and in your hard work. So, Kota as such, is not a special place actually. It is more like a product advertised too well, rather so well that everyone forgets to notice the *(Terms and Conditions Apply) on the advert, so to speak.

Let us do a comparative now of studying at Kota versus studying at your home…

  1. Direct Parental Support : This is a huge point where Kota lags far far behind. Nothing can replace the support, guidance and motivation that parents provide. All of this lacking in Kota, this increases the chances of kids falling into depression, even to the point of committing suicide.
  2. Healthy, Hygienic living conditions : Is there even a competition here? Nothing beats the comfort, hygiene and cleanliness of your own home. Here too, Kota fails miserably.
  3. Distractions : These are definitely more in Kota, both in quantity as well as in damage value. Many kids going to Kota fall into drugs, substance abuse, making romantic relationships, etc. As such, these distractions are tougher to fall into if you are at your home, thanks to the protective shield of your parents and their monitoring over your activities. Kota fails again.
  4. Weather : Accustomed to the weather of our home town, it is tough to adjust to climates of other places. Even tougher to adjust to the extreme climatic conditions of Kota. And alongwith that, to study as well ! Home definitely wins this one by a huge margin.
  5. Teachers : Well, self study is your best teacher for competitive exams. Sure, teachers are needed. However, with the large number of centres of each of the coaching institutes in many cities, you do not need to go to Kota for good teachers. They would be available locally too. The right choice of books, and a will power is actually the thing that matters. Here, i would say that it is a tied match. However, with stuff like Parent Teacher Meetings possible only where parents are, home town gets an edge.
  6. Friends : There are definitely gonna be more friends in your home town than a competitive place like Kota. And friends matter a lot in terms of the positive, healthy competition they provide you with, the moral support they give you, etc. Hence, home wins over Kota any day.
  7. Competition : Often touted as a major point by all the coaching institutes, i would like to offer a different stance on this. How is the competition manifest in any place? Through performance within the class and in tests, right? However, this has a huge negative impact to it. With few exceptional students performing good in a class, it creates an immense pressure on the others. And while some cope up with it, most are unable to do this. It is this competition which harms most students much more than it boosts some students. Hence, this is not a good point for Kota. I believe it is better to study in a comfortable environment, understand the concepts taught, and then use them in exams. Sure, competition is important. Buy an All India Test Series package for that. Not much, right? Hence, i give this to home over Kota. 

Here are the results – We focused on 7 points of utmost importance. All were in favour of staying at home, with proper justification. 

So, what are you even thinking of? 

Stay at home, work hard, and make sure you do what you want to do, and not what others want you to do. 

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Aakash Kapoor 

7 thoughts on “Kota : It’s not worth it…”

  1. A lot of time may be wasted on washing your clothes, making tea for yourself and day to day other jobs which get easily done without any fuss at home

  2. This year iam getting a rank of 3500 to 4000.i would have got a rank of 2000 or less if not for a few calculation mistakes and misreads.should I take a drop.and branch change after first year is allowed for how many students.can I depend on this fact and go for an iit or should I drop and improve.

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