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 We at Prepsera understand the need of the students, especially Indian students. With the toughest exams for us to crack, it kind of gets a bumpy ride in our High School Life. 

Not that we should quit working  hard…. it is just that even hard working kids tend to get a lesser recognition than they actually deserve, especially in the competitive exams. These competitive exams are basically one day affairs, and we believe that one day is not enough to gauge the abilities and hard work of a candidate. Hence, we believe that there should be more opportunities of a level akin to the IITs.

Hence, Prepsera team has decided to petition the HRD Ministry of India on this situation. We hope that this petition is spread by our viewers so that it can be implemented one day or the other. Eventually, it is only the students who stand to  gain. 

Hoping for a good response from everyone.

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Team Prepsera

2 thoughts on “We Petition !”

  1. Hey, after thinking for a while , I personally feel that out of all those 15 Lack students only a small part of students have a real/honest passion about engineering ,but the main problem exist when parents hear about the Job security which Engineering Degree offers, and the coaching ads creating a hype about IIT in the society and in the minds of the people. I feel that the petition could have been modified from setting up A Grade Engineering College to setting up A Grade Institutions which teaches the dream subject which a student is passionate about ,ie if better institutes in every field comes up ( ie ,Institutes like IIT in many other fields) we may overcome the problem of lack of A grade colleges in our country. I feel students are not following their passion or the path where their talent exist , this is mainly due ignorance of Government which is not quite supportive towards other fields other than Engineering
    Anyways, Prepsera is very good initiative and I personally hope to see it as a successful startup company in the future.

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