Let’s crack INPhO in 10 Months…

Can you do it?  Yes you can…. Yes you can!

Is JEE Physics enough for clearing INPhO?

Let us take down these two BIG queries in the minds of many aspirants…

It is possible (if not assured) to do it if you have these two things :

  1.  Completed your syllabus : An extremely essential thing. This is the primary reason i missed out on clearing through to the camp. The parts i had not covered had come of around 15 marks weightage.
  2. Have an aptitude towards thinking using the basics i.e seeing the basic concepts being used, even in tough questions. This is what is exactly needed.
  3. Correct study sources. Do not go after easy books. Rather go for books like Irodov/Krotov for practice, but towards the end when your basics are clear.


Now, is JEE Physics sufficient to clear INPhO ?

Note this thing : I just had a one month preparation for INPhO and yet, i managed to almost clear it…missing the cut by just one mark. And the reason, guess what ? My syllabus was incomplete by then, thanks to some politics at my coaching center. That made me lose out on the opportunity to visit the camp. Same happened to me in INChO. It was heart-breaking. And that is why, syllabus completion was my first point in this article.Questions worth 15–20 marks had come from those parts that i had not covered till then.

Needless to say, my basics helped me reach that close to the cutoff. After my syllabus completion however, i reattempted the paper before JEE to see my level and, you know what? I scored about 98% then. Note that i had never ever seen the solutions of the InPhO papers, or even heard the methodology. So, yes… JEE Physics is sufficient. However, just one advice to you. Do not make the mistake that i made i.e. syllabus completion was not done in time. That hurts a lot.

If you have completed JEE syllabus before InPhO, then just practice from Irodov/Krotov/Gnadig a bit and you will be through to camps for sure. Just go to camps, and see for yourself what happens there.

Book Links (Included links to buying for your comfort) :


Hope you make it to OCSC (aka the Olympiad Camps)

All the best,

Aakash Kapoor

10 thoughts on “Let’s crack INPhO in 10 Months…”

  1. I am in 11th standard and want to crack these olympiads.when and how should I start preparing for these exam. I am a jee aspirant.

  2. I am joining a dummy school next year in my 11 th( I wouldn’t be able to do practicals)
    But my goal is Olympiads ,do Physics Olympiad winners opt for dummy school?

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