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Well, Organic Chemistry has a certain beauty to it, from an exam point of view. The beauty is that although questions framed from it are quite easy, we are not able to solve it at times. Some things remain vague, and perhaps for a reason. After all, organic chemistry is not like other subject where you can study for a month and excel in it.

It requires proper study, coupled with the correct books. One of them is, 

Morrison Boyd – Organic Chemistry  (Click to Buy !)

You should start a habit of studying organic chemistry for about 1 to 2 hours on daily basis

  1. Whenever you start studying organic, keep pen and paper with you and try to note down all important named reactions and the mechanisms.
  2. Try to learn all the important reagents properly – their full name, action and other conditions they require to work.

Coming to the Book Review…

Topics covered in this book are:

  • Part I: Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
  • Part II: Chemistry of Functional Groups
  • Part III: Special Topics
  • Part IV: Biomolecules and Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Part V: Contemporary and Future Organic Chemistry

The best-covered topics covered in Morrison Organic Chemistry book are Molecular Structure and Properties and Principles of Organic Chemistry. The book helps the students to understand the role of molecular structure in understanding the basics of oganic chemistry.

Highly recommended for preparation of Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry book by Morrison and Boyd is quite good for JEE preparation and preparation of medical entrance exams.


The best thing about the book is that it turns even the dry and arcane chapters into something that is easily understandable. The way of writing makes chapters very interesting. Even complex things have been simplified in such a manner that they seem intuitive at the end of the chapter. The requisite photographs throughout the book make it an interesting read.


The students should regularly consult this book to resolve queries related to Organic Chemistry. However, you won’t find solved IIT-JEE papers or IIT-JEE practice tests in the books written by foreign authors and you will need other books for practice.

Moreover, one will need to consult other books for Stereo-chemistry and Polymers. These books are :


Mohit Ryan

9 thoughts on “Morrison Boyd : Organic Chemistry”

  1. Which among Solomon, lg.wade is better? If u feel any other book to be better than them plz recommend..

      1. Thank you very much and can you plz recommend some inorganic chemistry book for theory other than j.d lee

  2. I have bought L G Wade, is this book enough or do I need to buy Morrison Boyd also?

    Also are there any good books for practicing diverse problems in Chemistry (all of organic, inorganic and physical) ?

    1. This book is enough. You will mostly need the three individual books that I have mentioned in my article of Books… for practice this

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