IIT-JEE : Changing countless lives for the better

JEE changes lives, it is said. It couldn’t have been more true. This is a touching article by one of my seniors. This story motivates me a lot and reminds me….my own struggle for JEE.

-Mohit Ryan

The Story, as told by Rajiv, my senior :

I cleared IIT-JEE, 2002 with a JEE Rank of 1758 and got admitted to Industrial Engineering in IIT Kharagpur. It might sound unbelievable but I got 39% in 12th Board Exams. Surprisingly, I was 5th rank in my school in spite of such poor result. Passing 10th class was considered a milestone at my home town. After getting such a result in 12th exams due to poor financial condition of my family and school situation, I was not even considering IIT-JEE. I was rejected for getting admission by state engineering colleges and even by coaching institutes (who provide coaching for the engineering colleges that I used to dream about). Somehow, I got to know that IIT-JEE was the only engineering entrance examination that did not have any restrictions as far as Board exams results were concerned. Without knowing the standard of the exam, I started my preparation from scratch. Clearing concepts was tough, especially  while changing education medium from Hindi to English. It took me immense hard work, daily motivation and utmost sincerity to win the battle that is JEE.

As it seemed to me at that time, I hardly had any career options left. IITs, however, were still there. And JEE was still the beacon of light in my otherwise bleak future then. However, I still achieved my goal despite the tremendous struggles and harsh comments I received from relatives and friends. However, there was still more left to prove. I had to prove that mugging was not essential while studying in IIT. Many companies rejected me for a job, thanks to my class 12 Board Exam marks. This fired me up to do something exceptional…something that would nullify the effect of my poor class 12th Board results in future. This I did it by getting the award for the best project in my dual degree program. It was JEE preparation that has bestowed on me the resilience, perseverance and directional needed to achieve in life.I undertook my PhD in Reliability Engineering in Sweden.

Here, I kept my reputation high and finished my doctorate in 3.5 years.

Now, I am writing this short article, sitting in my office (Maersk Drilling in Copenhagen). Nostalgia, ahhh !

All I want to say, the time spent preparing for JEE made me something completely different from what i was…. Made me a better human. 


IIT-Kharagpur (Batch of ’02)

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      1. Actually, I am expecting low marks in boards especially in maths around 60. Do i need to bother?
        I am preparing for JEE.

          1. Are there any chances of me grtting iitb. As i m not a bright student and going to drop one year for prep

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