How to Prepare for KVPY-SX (Class 12)

Ask me, and I say… SX is easier than SA,  as far as KVPY is concerned. With a higher selection percentage in SX, it is more likely to get selected in it than in SA. Also, for any person taking JEE coaching (as is a common trend), KVPY  should be a cakewalk. Don’t believe me? So, dirst of all, let us have a look at the paper pattern :


As stressed in the earlier articles, being a KVPY scholar has many privileges. besides getting a government scholarship and a seat in national institutes of importance like IISc Bangalore and others. Now a days, it has, for many students, become a confidence-booster that can make you believe that you can get a good rank in competitive exams.

General Tips :


  • You have to complete the syllabus for KVPY on your own prior to at least one week before the exam, irrespective of your coaching classes syllabus. We know that certain students panic and cry that their coaching syllabus is lagging. What we advise is… don’t be jittery, you have to try to complete your syllabus, being yourself a responsible cool headed person.
  • Follow NCERT for completing your  remaining syllabus for KVPY. If  you have already done this, then revise.
  • Starting from second week of October you should must start giving daily/alternate days mock tests, preferably in exam-like situations. Also, give them at the time slot in which actual exam would be held as it would help fine tune your concentration at that time.

 For non-coaching students or students relying on self-study :

  • First of all judge yourself whether or not you can go for a high intensity preparation  because only 40 days are left. However, if you have been preparing for the last  few months then just a regular preparation method will be enough !
  • Go thorough with NCERT. This will be your sure shot to success.
  • Practice a lot of mock tests from a reliable source.

Books for KVPY :

  • Physics – Just follow NCERT and (if you have it) coaching worksheet and DPPs. If you are a non-coaching student, then use only HCV along with NCERT.
  • Mathematics – NCERT  plus  R D Sharma is sufficient. However, if u want a higher level then A Das Gupta should be used. However, keeping in mind that you are fighting with low amount of time, do not dig deeper than required.
  • Chemistry – NCERT is damn essential here, especially inorganic and organic. For physical chemistry, go through R C Mukerjee. You can also glance through MS Chouhan for Organic chemistry ( the problem book). However, do this only if your basics are strong and your preparation in other subjects is almost done.

Buying Links for Books for your added comfort : 

Mental strength :

Every competitive exam is, in the end, a game of mental strength  You have to keep your cool and you have to be undeviating.





Q 1. I am preparing for JEE / NEET 2017. Should I prepare separately for KVPY or not ?

Ans – if you are preparing for JEE/NEET exam then note that kvpy syllabus is almost the same.thus both preparations can go side by side without effecting each fact both help each other so preparing for either one will keep you on the track !

Q2. As only one month left is it advisable for me to start preparing if I have yet not started ?

Ans – it means that you are also not ready for your board exams !! we see a positive point in here …just  be a brave heart …and gear up for the fight !! if you are not going to lose anything then it is always better to fight and lose rather than not fighting at all … ? you will only increase your knowledge by working hard and if you are at zero-level just imagine what a great push you are gonna give to yourself yes !! starting  to prepare for kvpy will itself compel you to read the NCERT and your school book which will eventually,at least,make sure that you are gonna do well in boards and hopefully well at jee mains (and depending on your attitude ..u might take it to advance level !!)

Q3. I’m at Kota and I’m studying at xyz classes .do I need to study anything other than classroom teaching ?

Ans – Of Course not ! just be good in your classroom and go thoroughly with your study the “general guidance” part written above.


Q4. I am from a small  village. I’m relying on my self study. How do I prepare ?

Ans – don’t sound so low-spirited !! get up get charged …go thorough with the NCERT / books described in the above ‘general guidance’ section you have a sufficient  of time to knock hard kvpy. Focus on the previous year papers.see the pattern and prepare like the same !! all the best !

Q5. What is the importance of previous year papers ?

Ans- It’s perhaps the most thing important of all !

  • Analyzing the pattern : we have  students who have cleared kvpy just  by analyzing the previous year papers and  the pattern of exam .now this might not be the same for you this year still your preparation needs thorough understanding of what is the level of difficulty of paper and which topics are more important for you or which topics are more scoring.
  • Making strategy : furthermore which subject has a trend of being tough and which one remains lighter all these kinds of strategy making things give you an edge on others and previous year papers are most important strategies.
  • Best set of mock papers : previous years papers themselves are powerful set of mock papers ! first go through them thoroughly to understand the pattern of exam and note down the important chapters and make your own strategy. After this you have got one month so build yourself up and practice hard !! in the last 10 days before kvpy you should try mock tests as maximum as possible and these previous year papers should be repeatedly practiced .


All the best, 


Mohit Ryan

13 thoughts on “How to Prepare for KVPY-SX (Class 12)”

  1. Sir,
    Do you have an idea about the manner in which the interview is assessed? MY interview went averagely. I messed up a pretty simple question and was able to answer about 8-10 of the 12 questions they asked me. I also stammered a lot and I don’t think i appeared to be too confident.
    Further i wanted to ask that if a question gets bonus in aptitude , do we get bonus marks even if we haven’t attempted the question?(there was one question which i had left which got bonus)
    I am an SX aspirant and my score was between 65-75(70.25 was my counted score, 72.25 if i count the question which got bonus)

    1. KVPY is a multiple choice questions based exam of total 100 marks. It constitutes of 2 parts – I & II, each containing 4 sections – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Paper I contains 20 questions whereas Paper II contains 10 questions in each section. In respect of the stream SB, there will be four sections in Part I (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) and four sections in Part II (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics). CANDIDATES ARE ALLOWED TO ANSWER ANY THREE OF THE FOUR SUBJECTS IN PART I AND ANY TWO OF THE FOUR SUBJECTS IN PART II.

  2. i am a average student . i couldnt clear kvpy sa stream even after preparing a lot . my dream is to join iisc. im a non biology student . my physics is very bad . please suggest a way to prepare so that i clear kvpy with a good rank .

    1. Well pretty much keep working the way you were and list out your issues first… that is where you lose marks and stuff. When those are clear, you’ll know how to go ahead with it

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