Starting JEE Prep from Class 10… Got Questions ?

If you are currently in class 10, I would say prioritize NTSE and other Olympiads right now.
Having cleared JEE myself, subtle points from my experience that  I feel you can or in fact you should implement so that your base becomes suitable for  JEE preparation.

Here we go…

The Most Important Tips for You !

  • GET  OVER WITH THE CRAMMING PART: Students in 10th usually get along by memorizing a whole lot of things. However easier it may appear, do not extend the rot learning part to MATHS & SCIENCE. You are planning to prepare for the entrance of one of the most elite institute of the country, pls don’t get away by CRAMMING specially in maths n science. Understand the topic to your best.
  • BE INQUISITIVE: Creative learning is appreciated. The more you can widen your thinking, the more interesting it appears. See, what u are going to study in your coming two years is an extended version of all that you studied in 9th and 10th. Generate questions and try to find their answers on your own. That quest for more info will make develop your ability to grasp higher concepts of PCM easily.
  • DO NOT MAKE IT A VERY BIG DEAL: JEE requires patient study for a very long period. Well, a period of two years will suffice. So do not give up on too many things in your highschool period or become a geek. Believe me when I say, the coming two years will bring to u a very busy schedule of studying …so sit back and prepare urself to adjust to it ASAP.
  • INCREASE YOUR LEVEL: There are two types of students. One who are already academically excellent. They manage it pretty well in  their 10th to 11th transition. The other kind are those who take studies very lightly till high-school and dream of getting into IITs. Piece of advice for them; try increasing  your sitting hours. Be clear with everything that NCERT covers. Important is to understand comcepts  logically.
  • IMPORTANCE OF A MENTOR: Someone who has already cleared JEE can mentor you to work in the right direction. Learn from his experiences, get motivated, know about the exam pattern and the dedication required to crack it.

Above all, don’t stress out much right now. But CLEAR YOUR BASICS. It becomes interesting if you are well versed with the basics of every chapter to be taught in 11th and 12th or else it becomes a bit rough to carry on with the syllabus easily.


Recommended Books if you want to start studies now (Links to buy included, just click on book name) :


All the best!

Aakash Kapoor

23 thoughts on “Starting JEE Prep from Class 10… Got Questions ?”

  1. I am in 11th standard and want to crack these olympiads.when and how should I start preparing for these exam. I am a jee aspirant.

    1. Okay, so the tips are :
      1. Don’t study one day before the exam
      2. Revise whatever you have studied till now before the exam.
      3. Keep a cool temperament and give exam without any pressure. Think as if no one expects anything of you and then give this exam.

  2. Actually my question was I had opted for weekend coaching as my home is far , so should I join regular school to keep motivated for 5 days

    1. Errm, in that case you could go for a dummy school if u. Can manage your schedule with it but a full time school if you need something to keep you punctual

  3. I have just completed my 10th standard last week, I have a doubt please reply… I joined in one of the IIT coaching cum college in hyderabad as day scholar, they have given me a list of books but I have my own list of books which are chosen by many IItians like Aman bhaiya and of course you.Now my doubt is that shall I follow the list given by college people or shall I go simultaneously with both the lists… is it manageable please suggest me how to go on and achieve my IIT dream??????

    1. Go with only one book set. As you are having the ones we recommended, do not buy the books your coaching recommended.

  4. I copied my mail here, in case you didn’t receive it:

    Hi bhaiya, I am in class 10 now, and I too, like my peers, am pointing out what I want to do in life. After a lot of thinking I have decided I want to be a game developer. I am a huge fan of games and I too want to create them, not to play them myself, but for passion. I mean, I would love to make games with intelligent people who too have the will to make games.
    I have a doubt- how should I plan to rise to a game developer from a student?
    Should I take PCM, get into a good engineering college through JEE, and pursue B. Tech in CSE?

    Also, I want to know whether I should:
    1. practice high level class 10 questions
    2. build a strong foundation of class 9 and 10
    3. prepare for ntse
    4. focus on boards
    5. have fun with friends :p

    Finally, I would like to ask you if you could give me a phone no. so we can talk when i reach class 11.(please give it at:

    A big thanks to you!

    1. You should definitely go for a CS degree. That would be insanely helpful. Because game development is an intense coding task that will also need a lot of design knowledge and stuff.

      You should do all these things, maybe except Point 1. Do everything from points 2-5.
      Best of all, I would definitely suggest you to read a few books of the programming language that you will use for coding in the future. That would be great, seriously. Go for a language like Java or Python. It will help a lot in developing a strong base for your future. More than science, do a lot of coding. Also know that a CS degree doesn’t stop you. If you practice insanely, you can be a hell of a coder even now… in these next two years. Everything that you need is available online…. Books, sample codes, tutorials and stuff. Just go for it. Maybe do it with friends so that you can stay motivated during the process.

      So, relax. And work on coding these days. And sure, I will mail you my number.

      1. I have heard coding requires intense maths and game programming needs physics too for collision stuff. Is JEE a good way to be proficient in the maths and physics I need for my career? Should I leave coding for college? I think, if I can give my everything to PCM, I can land in an IIT and study CS from the best college and profs of the country! What do you think?

  5. Sir I have a question plzzzzzzzz help me out ! I want tone know whether doing Rd sharma really important in jee preparation if I have done books recommended by you as well as joined a national level institute
    like allen. plzzzz respond.

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