Should you take a second attempt to crack JEE ?

Should I take a second attempt at the JEE? MANY students after 12th face this dilemma. There’s this feeling that had we been less careless, we could have done better and made everyone proud. And a state of confusion; what if we chose to drop and are not  able to put enough efforts and end up with disappointment even the next year? …I have therefore tried to use my experience to provide a balanced view of the choices you are going to make. Hope it helps!

ALRIGHT, so before finalizing anything it is very very important  that you weigh your chances of clearing JEE in the upcoming year WISELY.

As of my experience when I was confused about one year preparation after 12th, I asked my senior-cum-brother who had actually passed JEE with a good rank ,”IS IT REALLY WORTH IT ? I mean all this mugging up and studying the same course again just for the sake of one college.”  ..And his answer was ,”YES! Definitely, it is worth it. First, because next year when you make it to some IIT, your life is gonna take a different shape and second; because even if you don’t, of course it’s not the end of it, but you won’t have this regret that you could have studied for a good rank but you gave up.”

Subtle MYTHS prevalent about dropping one year for JEE.

  • Giving one year for preparation will waste our year : That’s wrong. You only gain more by studying more (well, I did). And preparing for JEE is fun.(It is a blunder at your end if you don’t consider it so as it’s gonna be boring OTHERWISE..)
  • You had taken coaching and now you can sit at home and prepare : Wrong again! Unless you have an extremely motivating mentor by your side who will drag you to studies every time you feel like taking a break, you should go for a good coaching as that would provide you an energetic atmosphere which you need the most. Being charged to grab an awesome rank is all you will need throughout the year.
  • Very few droppers clear the exam next year :  Actually, the stats tell you that andit is not wrong, but it has a simple reason behind it. People, when they drop, they lose the charge that they carry during their +1 +2 .Now , this is solely your responsibility that you stay motivated throughout the year. And once you do that trust me, you can take yourself to a completely new level.
  • It is tough to prepare the entire course in just one year : This is based on how you perceive it. Either you start studying from the beginning as they tell you in most Coaching Institutes, they begin with sets, functions, errors and then end up rushing with the last part of the course, chapters like modern physics, complex numbers, or whatever they teach you during the last months are given less attention. Or you go with the smart studying and directly start working with your weak areas. I prefer the second one.

Don’t forget you have already been studying since the last two years and that work is surely gonna help you. I have seen people ending up in a mess when they get completely dependent on their 12th pass out year and believe that they can actually cover up the whole course in just 12 months.

  • Loosing your chance to a good college this year only to get a better next year is a big risk – Now, this part is completely on you and your self-esteem. If you really feel this is the best you can get, grab it! But if you consider yourself better than what you are getting, sit back ; picture yourself in your dream college and give it another shot, another year.

Till now, all this might seem a bit biased  towards dropping. WELL, it’s not that bad after all BUT this is not the only option that you have. If you still consider taking up a college , DO IT. Your performance in exam does not decide anything. It is all a matter of how those 3/6 hours went for you. And certainly, it does not make you inferior. Believe in yourself. ONLY IF YOU KEEP THAT SPARK ALIVE, you are going to do good wherever you go.

Still in doubt? Feel free to ask anything! ALL THE BEST


Shaivy Adhikari

21 thoughts on “Should you take a second attempt to crack JEE ?”

  1. This is really one of the greatest EYE-OPENER article.thanx a lot Shaivy.this article should be published in all the leading daily nationals.everyone must think twice before saying “drop karne SE main ek saal pichhe ho jaaunga”… It’s a very very wrong perception.have courage,have faith in yourself…and try again with winning will surely be a winner.

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  3. I am thinking of joining a college and along with that continue my jee preparations. What are some tips that will be helpful for me?

    1. Stay focussed and don’t forget your goal. College will give distractions and it is better you keep your focus on JeE

  4. This year I ended up badly in IIT Jee exam. I have full faith in myself that I can do better but its really hard for me to keep the spark to study burning. Also its getting hard for me to explain everyone that I can do better next year as everyone is saying that if 2 years were less for me how can I do that in a single year. Any suggestion please.

    1. It can be done and if you believe in yourself, do it. Don’t care of what others say. It doesn’t matter

  5. I have 2 methods for giving JEE next year 2nd time
    1. Take NIT /IIIT in my hometown (RAIPUR) and keep preparing for JEE(The safest bet acc to my parents n teachers)
    2.Take a drop n prepare for jee giving it literally everything I can (the best method I am feeling right now which can yield me the best results)
    But what I feel may not be correct at this moment. As my coaching teachers n parents r definitely more experienced :-
    Which method is better according to you. I would be working as hard as I can in both the paths n want to give it my best shot next year.

    1. I think that you will have to check JoSAA rules to confirm if method #1 is allowed or not. I think it is not allowed.
      Second method, although more common, is very mentally exhausting and should be done only if you are convinced that you can do better and that your mistakes were avoidable.

      1. One more thing I wanted to ask how much time should I give my mind as a break for refreshing n then starting JEE preparation again?

  6. I gave jee advanced this year.iam getting a rank of around 7k and am not satisfied with it.on the other hand iam getting nit Trichy with chemical or civil. I read the above article on dropping and am not sure whether I can study with the same energy as in the first two years.but iam sure that I will be getting a better iit or and nit if I drop.should I drop or should I join an nit with civil or chemical.if I join an nit trichywith civil or chemical will I get lesset opportunities than if I drop.i also feel tired after studying for 2 yrs.but iam sure of improving my mains or advanced rank definitely.pls reply asap.

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