Teachers at IIT… And where they fail miserably

I am in IIT-Bombay and I believe that I can answer this questions quite accurately and to the point. While it is a known fact that most faculties at IIT do not teach well, I believe these points come into play.

  1. IITs hire professors based on their research credentials, experience, etc. However, knowledge of the subject does not imply good delivery of the subject material in a class. While these professors do know their subject, most of them do not know how to teach.

    As, i believe, was shown quite aptly in ‘3 Idiots’. These teachers know engineering better than the students, but many students know how to teach better than the teacher himself/herself.

  2. The point of an unattentive class does not arise. It is not as if we IITians do not like to study. Neither have we shied from classes till our college days. However, the teacher does not want to teach, it seems. In such a case, classes get boring and even receptive minds get clogged. So, the fault is completely on the faculty side, and not on the student side.
  3. We must keep in mind that IITs are, after all, government colleges. And the teachers are nothing but government employees, with a stable and fixed job. As such, unlike school/coaching teachers (who have private jobs), THERE IS NO COMPETITION among teachers. Unlike the coaching system where every coaching kicks out the bad teachers, here there is no such case.

    In such a situation, we can easily expect laxity among the teachers. Simply because there is no need to perform well. They know that they have to attend a class, regardless of how well they conduct it. They will not lose their job even if the entire batch says that they teach poorly. So, no reason to teach well.

And everyone tries to take the easiest route in life. Hence, this is why IIT teachers suck big time…. most of them.

Some teachers are gems but those are very hard to come by. Mostly, the quality of teachers is low and degrading with time.

And we hear these teachers say how the quality of kids entering IIT is dropping. Perhaps, they should just look at their own quality first before pointing fingers at us students. After all, JEE is what gives IIT that panache. Without JEE, it can be safely said that IITs would lose most of their worth in this world, anyways.

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  1. Hi. I just wanna ask could u guide me towards the diff. b/w CS & IT course. Also, are the studies of these courses are same in every colleges.??

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