The Achievers’ Tales

Disclaimer : All JEE mentioned here (of these star achievers) , or anywhere on this blog, are in General Rank List (Common Rank List) only.

Siddharth Gairola – After failing to clear JEE 2013, he decided to drop in August,2013. After then, he used each and every moment. In less than a year, he managed to secure a rank of around 2000 (A few silly mistakes made this deserving boy get out of the under 500 rank. A word of caution… This can happen to you too. Stay aware ). He is currently studying Computer Science(CSE) at IIIT HYDERABAD, an institution whose CSE is often compared to that of IIT BOMBAY (If you do not believe this, check it on Google).

Ritvik Rawat – After studying  11th and 12th upto board level only, he got inspired for JEE. He cracked it with an intense study of around 5 months. Yup, you heard it right…..Mere 5 months for JEE preparation. That’s what dedication and passion can help you attain.

What is more, he secured All-India-Rank, 948 and is studying Computer Science at IIT Guwahati.

Sahil Bhargava-  He was known as a “Mastikhor” (naughty) boy in Class 11. He made a complete change-over in class 12. He decided to give a try to JEE, and dedicated himself to intense study for all the remaining time he had (11 months). He finally got into IIT Bombay with a rank of 1342.

Shaivy Adhikari – One of the founders of Prepsera, currently studying at IIT Roorkee. Spectacular Shaivy – that’s what i call her. She is spontaneous, cool and and has been an inspiration when i count those students who never wasted their time during preparation. She can work out everything in a given time – be it academics, sports or writing.

Aakash Kapoor – Currently studying Electrical Engineering at IIT BOMBAY, the boy WHO LIVED HIS DREAM IN SPITE OF ALL THE ODDS ! (Harry Potter fans, you must be used to this). 

In my eyes, a life-time inspiration for all those who think that JEE preparation is only for those who can have a dummy schooling or sort of that. This guy managed everything : NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, ISC Board Exams-Specially To Be Mentioned w.r.t the pseudo- PhD Course in English, and, as you might have guessed, All India Rank 95 in JEE.

Despite having to study 7 hours in school, he managed to be on the top of everything. This was just because he loved his time. He never wasted a single second of his time. I observed him keenly, as he overcame hurdles, providing him support, whenever i felt it was necessary.

Once, I told him that I won’t be available to teach him for some days. I informed that he only had one day to study as much as he could study from me in the coming few weeks.

Just Imagine….

What would have happened ?



He sat with me to study … at 8 pm. Can you believe that he kept on studying continuously till 7 am in the morning, completing a big chunk of the upcoming syllabus !

Huuuuh??? Can you believe this AMAZING ENERGY that he displayed? The reason for this was his love for science. Dumbledore was right, after all… Love prevails over everything. (And for those of you who did not know… love is much more than only romantic feelings)

I loved his craziness to achieve more in short period of time. But, you know what? That is what really makes you successful.


Some people know just how important time is, so they use it all. 86400 bucks of the day. They are the person with the energy and the passion to do something for this world.  So, draw inspiration from these achievers and strive to become like them.

Best wishes,

Mohit Ryan 

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  1. Hi!
    I have heard that Akhil bharti one of your members had cracked IIT Jee starting from december-jan how did he mananged can you please give a good strategy provided that i dont go to coaching and i have already done 30% portion so please can You help me out!

    1. I think you should read about Rtivik rawat,.. there is an article on him where he has given it in detail how to prepare for jee in such a short time cuz he too did it and got a great rank !

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