Let’s score more than 200 in JEE-Main, 2017 !

Scoring more than 200 in JEE-Main is pretty good. It grants access to so many good colleges of the country. And well, let me tell you a secret…. It’s not tough to score that much ! All you need is immense confidence, and a realization of how hard you have worked in the last two years. Don’t look at how others have competed. Only compare yourself with how you were earlier, and how well your preparation is now. Trust me, never stop believing in your capabilities. You can achieve !

These remaining days require Smart Work instead of Hard Work. Here are some tips for you that will be pretty helpful to you –

  1. Brush up Chemistry smartly (especially Inorganic and Organic portions) – Chemistry helps you score maximum in minimum time. Additionally, it takes the least amount of time to complete in the paper. So, it will  help you save a lot of time during those crucial 3 hours of the JEE-Main examination. This time can be used well for the other 2 time taking subjects i.e. Physics and Maths. Also, Physical Chemistry has generally more weightage, so revise it thoroughly.  Revise your inorganic theory. Will help a lot!
  2. Solve Previous Year Questions – It is extremely essential to go through the previous years problems of JEE-Main. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, it will help you gauge the level of the exam that you shall be facing. Secondly, as is observed, some problems tend to get directly repeated. Hence, this trick is sure to boost your score.
  3. Preferably revise using short notes and formula charts Revision is extremely important in order to strengthen your command over any subject. Hence, a good revision daily is essential now ! In order to save time, use short notes/formula charts. This will also help you during your revision for JEE-Advanced. Again, JEE-Main has a lot of formula-based questions. So, this trick works pretty well in boosting your JEE-Main scores !
  4. Attempt the Maths section at the end – This is valid unless you are quite strong at maths. This is because Maths has tougher questions as compared to other subjects. Additionally, it takes more time to solve. When you start attempting paper, it is important to build and increase your confidence as far as you can. In such a case, shorter and easier questions are helpful. Hence, it is recommended to attempt either Physics or Chemistry initially. This will help give you a momentum towards the end of the paper. And this momentum is bound to help you solve the Maths questions. 
  5. Attempt Mock Tests – Mock test papers increase your accuracy, problem solving speed and time management skill. Additionally, they help you minimize unintentional (read as : silly) mistakes. Moreover, they help you develop a temperament for solving papers. Hence, it’s essential that you attempt atleast 3-4 mock tests before the actual JEE-Main examination. 
  6. Increase your Mental Strength – JEE is more of a game of nerves than a game of skill. Equip yourself with confidence and an indomitable will. Doing so will make the paper easy to attempt. Never lose hope. While attempting the paper, remember that this is the only chance you have and give it your all. 

Work on these chapters for sure. These ones are pretty important…

Calculus, Co-Ordinate Geometry, 3-D Geometry, Vector Algebra , Electricity and Magnetism, Thermal Physics, Optics, Modern Physics and the memory based aspects of Chemistry (esp. Inorganic and Organic Chemistry)

All he Best !

Mohit Ryan & Aakash Kapoor

20 thoughts on “Let’s score more than 200 in JEE-Main, 2017 !”

  1. Hello.
    I gave my board exams this year and will score around 85%, I don’t think I will clear mains… Will it be possible for me to simultaneously study in a less reputed state college and prepare for next year’s JEE Mains and Advanced? I would prefer nothing but CSE. Thanks.

    1. It will be quite tough and most people can’t manage both side by side, honestly. Either take a drop or go to a college.
      Secondly, don’t be so rigid. Other branches are good too.

  2. I have only done previous year question for complex no, quadratic eq,bionomial,ellipse,hyperbola is it enough for jee mains ….so that I can crack the questions…..PLZ guide me

  3. I am thinking to join iit or dtu or ip university this year ….and will give jee next year …..if I get good rank then will the authority of college will allow me to take admission again in good branch of that same college or any other college….PLZZZZZ guide me

    1. I don’t know this man. Depends from college to college. Some allow, some don’t. And everyone has a different method of branch changing, so I can’t comment about this as it is college specific. Still, choose a good college and a decent branch

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