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A lot of people have been asking me about the time-table that I followed while preparing for JEE and other exams. In this article, I shall be briefly outlining an average study day during my JEE Preparation. Keep in mind that all days are not the same and there are many events that occur, leading to a disruption of your preset time-table.

My Time-Table

  • On weekdays, I would wake up around 6:45 am, would get ready for school, etc. 
  • School used to get over by 1:30 pm and I would be back home in 10 minutes or so. However, because I had to leave for my coaching around 3:30 pm, I just had lunch and a nap during this time interval.
  • My coaching classes would start at 4pm and would continue till 7:30 pm. That was basically a time of study, that’s all.
  • I would come back home by around 8pm, would have dinner and watch a bit of television. This was followed by a walk on the terrace usually. It calmed me and helped me stay focussed.
  • I used to be back on my desk at around 9:30 pm, and would study till usually 1:00 am
  • On weekends, I would wake up around 9:30 am or 10 am in the morning. Would start studying around 11:30 am or so. That would continue till around 3pm. My second session would start after lunch, from around 4 pm or so, till 9 pm. Thereafter, I would study from 10 pm to around 1 am.


Basically, this was my timetable for any average day during my JEE Preparation days. Hope it answers your curiosities.

Aakash Kapoor

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  1. 9:30 PM TO 1 AM>That left you with 3 and a half hours of self-study time.Then how come you were able to first revise(coaching and school),notes making,problem solving(my teacher advised the class to do min. 100 ques. of mathematics daily and that too of iit levels each with different methods),test preparation etc.?

    1. Notes mainly made in coaching. Also, my self notes were a prt of my revision. So, time got saved there. And well, there is no need to do 100 questions daily. Better you understand concepts through 10 questions that can help u solve 100 questions

  2. I’ve got a habit of sleeping during the afternoons. How to schedule the time so as to negate this loss of about an hour?

      1. Because everyone has a different routine/mind/other conditions and I can’t review everyone’s timetable

  3. every topper says that they loved prep for i mean how anyone cn enjoy trylu learning chem fascinated them i dont blive this.few complex math and physics they loved?i dont get htis.and lastly if they wld love doing this than most of them have started studying for hrs they studied in 11-12 as they enjoyed instead of playing time .plz clear my dbt

    1. every topper says that they loved prep for i mean how anyone cn enjoy trylu learning chem fascinated them i dont blive this.few complex math and physics they loved?i dont get htis.and lastly if they wld love doing this than most of them have started studying for hrs they studied in 11-12 when they were in5th class or so as they enjoyed instead of playing time .plz clear my dbt

      1. No, they started from 11th only, and they do love it. Not everyone will enjoy other things, and anyone can enjoy more than one thing at once. See, your response is enough to tell the world that you belong to those people who consider studies as a burden. Maybe if you open your mind and broaden your thinking, you will be able to comprehend. And yes, JEE prep is definitely awesome and overall, I loved it. Because studies are not boring and can be enjoyed if you want to.
        And please don’t give this stupid logic ki toppers started in 5th or something. Think a little before making such statements

      2. And now that we are at IIT, I can easily tell you that your “complex maths and physics problems” are like a joke compared to what we study now. And yes, complex problems are the most fun to do.

  4. Aakash bhaiya, I attend normal tuition classes for physics, chem and maths from Mon-Thurs (two maths classes). All those classes start usually at 6.30 and end in 9.30. And I also will attend FIITJEE’s regular weekend contact classes which will start from 29th of this month. I’ve just been promoted to class XI. And I go to a regular school from 7.00- 1.30. I was thinking that perhaps this many tuitions would end up hampering my prep for JEE which I will give in 2019. Can you please give your insights??

    1. Errm… tuitions are not needed as you are going to a coaching. So yeah, you might drop the tuitions and self study in that time

      1. Thanks a lot for your opinion! Just asking, I’ve heard from a few people that the level of FIITJEE’s teaching is higher than JEE level, so will it be difficult for a person like me to cope up who has no idea of class 11-12 syllabus before-hand??

        1. Fiitjees level is not higher , they just cover syllabus fast , your tuition and school can’t cope up with their speed, better leave it

  5. Hey,
    I just got promoted to class 11 now. I study in Allen. It is for 3 days in a week. That means, 4 days are off. Now, since it’s the starting, they go slow. It’ too slow for me(not for other students). I often complete the topics in advance(which I understand; if I’m not lazy). I don’t know how should I utilise my time. I often think I’m wasting my time. Should I complete further topics and start practising problems? or keep reading theory? Any tips? I would be really grateful! 🙂

    1. So then keep practicing and doing questions from books. No need to rush much. Give a reading of future chapters and understand them. Then do them properly when covered in class

  6. Did attend the school daily or just enough to maintain the attendence. Cause I am extremely depressed. My school teachers are a pain in the ass. They give hefty homework and never let me do my JEE study at school. I am in class XII and made up my mind that I will not do their homework and instead be ready to be beaten up as my career(jee preparation) is much more important to me. Is my attitude right?

  7. I see that you’ve done wonders despite such hectic schedule . Hats off to you sir . How can I deal with tiredness after coming from college , I’d return at 6:30 pm , so I would have time from 6:30 to 1am . How should I mentain my energy and concentration after a long day from college ?

    1. Thanks a lot man. These words of yours mean a lot 🙂
      As for beating tiredness is concerned, I would suggest that you lie down for around 15-20 mins on your bed and listen to soothing music. That used to refresh me a lot. You can even play ok your computer, if you feel like. Whatever makes you fresh. Note that you should not be spending more than 30 mins for the initial refreshment though. Hope this helps

  8. You have posted many good articles here, which have really improved upon my study pattern. I would be greatly obliged if you could post an article on the strategy for revision in the last 4 months (I am in class 12 currently and the coaching syllabus will be over by mid November).

      1. Can you please share the mistakes you regret during your jee preparation that i should not commit. Because you were also school going student. 🙂

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