Acquire this attitude if you want to clear JEE

Some say, life is basically what your attitude is to the circumstances you face. So now, going on to a personal observation that I have made here. I have seen a lot of types of kids here at IITB. The ones for whom getting a 10 pointer is easy to do, some who can do everything else, some who do nothing, etc. What matters is how and where you find a path to stick around and live happily. After all, life makes you compromise. Finding your happiness thereafter is what will matter to you. However, that’s not the point.

The point is, very few of these people ever say that JEE was a pressure zone. Ask them how their JEE days were. They stare into space, eyes slightly moist with pride and pleasure. A dreamy look appears onto their faces as they recollect the beautiful memories of the days that mattered so much to them, the days that were so precious to all of us. That’s how attitude should be.

The ones who do say that they are glad that JEE is over, happy to escape the pressure are perhaps the ones who are the weirdest out of the entire batch. Most of the times, it is these people who lack any innovation in their mind. Ask them why did they crack JEE? None of the reasons show an interest for your field, in making things, in innovative thinking, etc.

If any one of you here has any such useless reasons to prepare for JEE, i will advise you to back out of JEE and give SAT or exams that are specific to your area of interest. Don’t give a damn to what your parents will think, what your society will say, etc. Just pursue what you like… And go on it.

Humans have short memories, they wont remember why they criticized you for a long time.

But if you take a field, or a wrong choice, it is tough to get out.

Ask this question to your heart, to your mind. I do not wanna know the answer. It is for all of you to introspect.

Keep in mind, whatever your decision, i will never judge you harshly. If you back out of this mad rush of JEE, and want support, i am there. You will be a person different from the crowd.

Just do not do something because everyone is doing it. Do anything, whatever you like or have a passion in.

At the end, every field is important.

In this madrush of jobs, we have begun believing that CSE is the best branch and others are inferior. That is not so, guys.

Every thing has an application, and a reason of existence.

CSE would not hve let the Iron Pillar in Delhi stand rust free, Metallurgy does that. Do not judge branches by their opening and closing ranks.

See their applications, and decide where your heart lies truly.

It is time this hopeless

‘Top 50 take IITB CS’ thing gets over.

Choose your field, and go on in it… As deep as you wish.

Just make sure that you have fun.
Do you know Feynman?

He was often asked why he made an equation or why did he solve a real life example or something.

His answer was always… “I did it for the fun of it”
Inculcate that attitude in yourself,

And go on

All the Best,


25 thoughts on “Acquire this attitude if you want to clear JEE”

  1. Hey i will suggest everyone at least to watch steve jobs commencement of stanford ” stay hungry stay foolish” it exactly describes the same what you have explained here.he said ” you must follow your heart . Everybody has a dream everybody has to pursue his own dream and do what he love. If you had not find it keep looking you will find it” You Must watch it atleast once. Hey no sponsorship. Only by bservation i can say it was the best speech i have ever heard. And one more of apj abdul kalam when he had said ” you want to be you . But the problem is the world is trying its best day in and day out to make you everybody else. If you want to be you than start working hard and neglect them”

    1. Not so much. Better go abroad.
      But then, Particle Physics can he done even if you do a BTech but take Physics Masters and PhD. Mind you that It will he tough and drain you out.
      Better go to some foreign university

      1. One of my seniors recently told me to take a All India Test Series package from FIITJEE or Resonance, but I have no idea what they are.
        i) A brief description of what it means.
        ii) When would be the right time to take it if I am just starting my class Xi th?
        By the way I have taken coaching too

        1. It is a series of test papers that you can give at home or centre. Take it now only and cheaper if you buy study material only. The RSM study material package covers the all india test series and has subject material too so is cheaper effectively

  2. i am a new on your blog bhai you are attending school in those year or not or even have an complusery to join non attending. i have an repete my class 11 due to deep understanding for subject it is right or wrong please give answer .

  3. Hello Bhaiya,
    First of all thank you so much for creating such an awesome site for aspirants.Loved it. I just wanted to ask you would you write a post on revision? Since i have now entered class 12th i seriously feel a need to revise class 11th along with the 12th chapters that are going on. You could also share tips from your experience as well as your friends.Also are flash cards and mind maps useful as said by some newspapers?Thank you once again.

  4. I’m really confused… On the 2 years of hardship i realized that I’m not made to do physics… Does that mean I won’t be able to become a good engineer…. Because i wasn’t too great in 11 and 12 but i want to do good in my higher studies

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