How to boost your rank using the right technology?

Technology permeates us. Everyone owns some gadget or the other, the most common of them being the smartphone. However, it often leads to waste of time much more than it’s utility. This waste of time is primarily caused by Whatsapp and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Cutting down on all technology, however, is not the solution. What is needed is optimization of the right technology. Here is an article of how I used technology to boost my results the right way, with valid reasons for using each of the tech items.

Remember that you might have the best smartphone and you might still not waste time on it. It all depends on your will power. However, for those who do not have such a strong control over themselves, you can use what I did… minimum distraction and maximum work devices.

I needed to use a lot of books to study and refer from for all the competitive exams, mainly JEE. Now, buying so many books was never an option. Also, my eyes were not strong and hence, could not afford weakening them further by using a tablet or a laptop. Hence, I invested in a Kindle as I could easily download e-books from my PC and read it on my Kindle. It was particularly useful as it gave me 0 distractions and the Kindle screen doesn’t hurt eyes in a proper well-lit environment (just like a book). However, for those with dimly lit situations, Kindle Paperwhite works wonders. For all those like me and with a similar story, I would recommend these devices highly. 

At the end of the day, I can look at my Kindle and say it was worth it. It helped me clear NTSE and JEE. It gave me companionship when I felt alone. What more would I need from a device? 

The second technology that I used was a pair of headphones (My Walkman Headphones). They helped me study effectively by cancelling out all the noise from the surroundings and replacing it with music. I was used to studying while listening to music and so this was a great thing for me. To each his own though.

However, this is how you can you can use technology to aid your studies, without the risk of unnecessary distractions. 

All the best

Aakash Kapoor

27 thoughts on “How to boost your rank using the right technology?”

  1. Hi. Could you guide me how to manage for preparation of my exams as before JEE Advance, I have to give BITSAT.. So,plz guide me to score good marks in both exams.. I am so confused.

    1. I read a lot of books, a lot of sample papers nd stuff on them. Download sources : google drive links

  2. Which kind of music did you use ? I searched for study music on youtube but found that to be crap . Music like alphabeat by david guetta did help me to concentrate but that is for few minutes and after 30 iterations I couldn’t use it since one was for 4 minutes

      1. Their instrumental versions are calming . Liked that 😀
        Did lyrics distract you or you used instrumental versions yourself
        Sorry if I’m creating nuisance but just asking out of curiosity

        1. I used the complete songs. I had trained myself to study while listening to music for 2-3 years before class 11. So the lyrics didn’t distract me, I could parallely focus on both things

  3. Sir , I need your help here . How should I go about my third attempt to mains ’18 ? Might be I join USIT this year . Though it’s not recommended to gave a third attempt but I want to seriously improve upon my habits and improve myself otherwise I would leave things halfway between every damn time .
    I want to see how it feels like to be successful . I’m afraid that if I stick with my college now , I might be depressed for 4 years out there and don’t make out anything . I know this will cost me year but it’s better than to lead a miserable life ,I want to teach my self this harsh lesson now so that I can reset my life all over again
    Ofcourse my family won’t allow to sit me at home and so I’ll have manage this with college only

    1. Well, I would recommend you to take a college because if you end up wasting your time and not clearing again, then you’ll feel worse. Better to let it go and enjoy college life

      1. I know that . Of course I’ll have to go to the college . I will surely accept the seat but the thing is how do I stay away from distractions of college life ? Partial drop situation

          1. Sorry man , your reply came and wasn’t able to communicate well 😛 Please forgive me for creating nuisance but ” situation ain’t good “

      2. Maths is fine till now (got 85/120) in JEE main math . Physics is not fine . I aim to complete theory by end of July if things go south .The thing is I’ll have to revise and do problems throughout the year and for that I’ll have to overcome distractions in this college life otherwise I’ll forget stuff . 2 months from now I’ll be able to fill loopholes but tell me a way to overcome that please . In previous years partial droppers haven’t been able to perform well due to this reason only and I want to overcome this challenge . I won’t be sitting at home and its of no use . I want to fight in these conditions

        1. You will do it well. You must keep reviewing what you have studied every week or so. That’s the way to make sure you don’t forget anything

          1. Thanks a lot man ! I love you . You’re so damn patient with my query .
            I’ll fill in the loopholes and try to increase my study hours to good number so that on a bad day I can study atleast 6 or 4 hours (This I learnt from you , our subconcious mind is funny if you make it a habit even studying won’t be painful , so from today till July end it’s good time to make this a habit )
            Till that time I can make a judgement if it was correct decision or not (if not then I’ll spend time on programming )
            As ritwik bhaiya said , ” if you’re determined enough solution arises from every tight corner “

  4. Which kindle did you buy, since I am considering to buy one and am not able to choose between paperwhite and entry level.

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