A Few Important Clarifications

Seeing the comments lately and the messages that I have been receiving in the Prepsera E-Mail, I decided to write this post to clear out a few confusions that you must be having –

  • Firstly, as far as the recommended books go, the article on “Best Books for JEE Preparation” recommends the books that you can use for the best overall preparation. In short, that article is of the essential books for JEE Preparation. Now, there are many articles that are specific to certain units of each subject. These articles have book recommendations as well. Now, you must be getting confused as to which book to follow. So, the simple thing is to follow the books given in the “Best Books for JEE Preparation” article first. If the unit is unclear even after doing those books or if you want additional practice in a certain unit or for revision stuff, then go for the books recommended in the specific articles per unit. By no means are they necessary. They might just be helpful for you.
  • Secondly, many of you have been asking me about the Cengage series. Now, the point is that I recommend only the books that I have solved, fully or partially. Unless I have completed a book,  I cannot gauge it’s quality. Hence, as I haven’t used Cengage, I can’t say for or against it. However, many of my friends at IITB have used the Cengage series and say that those books are extremely well. On the contrary, many people dislike those books too. So, my stance on the Cengage series shall stay neutral until I solve them myself.
  • Thirdly, many of you have asked me why I give mixed bag reviews on the Arihant series. The point is that many books of the Arihant series have wrong answer keys at times. However, not all of them have such issues. As such, the ones that I recommend have been used by me and do not have such problems, mostly. 
  • Fourthly, I would request you to comment at a suitable article and not on any article. This helps keep the content relevant and easy to view for everyone. 
  • Fifthly, hate comments are discouraged. Keep in mind that I take out time from my schedule just to maintain this site and write articles and stuff. I have no need to think about JEE now, having cleared it. I do it because I like doing all this stuff. However, I expect decency from anyone and everyone who are thinking of criticizing me or my team at Prepsera. Either be constructive and polite or don’t criticize. 
  • Sixth, any doubts related comments, any guidance related comments, any subject related comments and any exam related comments are most welcome and shall be answered promptly, as always.
  • Seventh, I would request all of you to not keep this resource only to yourself and to share it with as many people as you can – juniors, classmates, anyone. It encourages me to write, knowing that someone is reading my articles. If you use Facebook or Twitter or Google+, please take out 2 minutes of your time to share Prepsera. It would be a great gesture that would mean a lot to me.


Aakash Kapoor

9 thoughts on “A Few Important Clarifications”

  1. I guess this post should be on the home page so that a new user can view this article and abide by the rules ( or instructions ) mentioned above.

  2. bhaiya i have only one query pleased answer pleased guid me you ARE MY REAL REAL MENTOR DURING MY PREPRATION
    1.only one study material is enough for under 50 rank in jee. or used some multiple couaching insitiute material like allen,fiitjee,resonance. beccaue i see many top ranker on result day in ads on news paper see on many couaching insititute many many student join multiple couaching insitute distance progreamme . i see this thing many year
    2.And which insitute material you USED

      1. How can I counter silly mistakes, which I invariably do and thus reduce my performance without any reason( every time it’s different, like mistake in OMR filling, or wrong question reading)?

  3. Aakash sir do u have a Whatsapp discussion group wherein students aiming for Jee/2018 can share their mutual doubts? Or something like that please if I just can tell me. Thank you

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