The Last Week Before JEE-Advanced : What all to keep in mind

You worked hard, day-in and day-out, never stopping, never caring for anything other than JEE. Or well, you wanted to do so but could not do it fully or the way you wanted it to be. However, the time for thinking is gone. It’s time for action. JEE is finally here. Nervous?

Well don’t be! There’s nothing you’ve got to be afraid of. Trust me when I say this. JEE is just an examination, nothing more. Sure, it does get you into the IITs, but they too are just colleges. Nothing life changing about either of that. It’s your hard work that determines your life, not some examination. Some of you might beg to differ, citing this major flaw of the Indian education system. However, trust me. Opportunities are plenty once you reach college level and it is up to you to make the maximum use of whatever opportunities you can get.

The Takeaway Message? Don’t worry. Don’t take stress. However JEE goes, your life is still yours and no one can deny your talents or take them from you. Ever.

Coming to the more quantitative things of these last few days, here are a few tips :

  • Maintain your health. Eat healthy, sleep on time, do some exercise and relax your mind. Whatever happens, don’t fall sick now.
  • If you must, then revise your theory at max once. No need to overdo it. 
  • I would suggest that you not attempt any mock tests this week. It might hurt you unintentionally.
  • Make sure that you are absolutely free on Friday and Saturday. These two days must be used for all sorts of relaxation possible. Go out for a movie or something if you feel like. Play games. Do anything you want except studies.
  • Accumulate all the exam related documents in a file so that they are not misplaced before the examination. Make sure to keep all the necessary documents with you.
  • Meditate daily to calm your nerves. Remind yourself of the hard work that you have done and that there is no need to worry. All will be well.

That’s all for now. I will keep posting as frequently as possible for me. All the best to all the JEE candidates!

Aakash Kapoor

12 thoughts on “The Last Week Before JEE-Advanced : What all to keep in mind”

  1. I have plànned to give three mock tests this week.i have already given 6 mock tests full length after mains.can I get a good rank if I don’t give any more tests any revise the important syllabus once more.or should I give more mock tests because. Some people say that 10 to15 mock tests are necessary to get a good rank in advanced.

    1. You dont want to get saturated by giving too manny mock tests. That’s why don’t give three mock tests this week as it might take out your desire to give exams away from you.
      Don’t care what people say. Your preparation is good enough

  2. My BITS is after 2 days @ JEE advance is on 21st . So in these 4 days, what should I do so that I could secure good rank in jee ?

  3. My speed during the test is pathetically slow. I am able to attempt only around 40 questions out of 60. But my accuracy is pretty good.itend to make a little bit of silly mistakes also.what can I do in the last 5 or6 days to improve my speed.a nd can I do some new chapters now that I have completed upto JEE mains level like electrochemistry and solutions.or will it hamper my performance.

    1. Well… don’t increase mistakes. Try to do as many correct questions as possible and guess on the non negative ones.

  4. I have not revised chemistry well enough. Can I use Friday for the revision of the topics which I have not revised or will it hamper my performance during the test.pleasr reply asap.

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