Expected Ranks vs Marks Cut-Off for JEE-Advanced, 2017

As per student reviews and various other sources, including our very own Prepsera Rankers, we have come up with a list of the expected ranks for the marks that you have scored in JEE-Advanced, 2017. So, here it goes…

MarksRank Range


So, how much have you guys scored in this year’s JEE-Advanced. What marks are you expecting? Check your expected rank in the given marks vs ranks cutoff table above. Note that this may change as and as we get more data from more students.

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26 thoughts on “Expected Ranks vs Marks Cut-Off for JEE-Advanced, 2017”

    1. That’s great. A good rank you will get if the ambiguous turn to be correct for your favour. Congrats, especially for the maths score

  1. Now that advanced is over my bitsat exam is on 27th may.iam feeling extremely lazy now as my advanced preparations are over
    How do I overcome this and how do I optimise my remaining days to maximise my score.i have not prepared chapters like semiconductors polymers biomolecules statistics mathematical reasoning.should I do only mock tests or should I prepare these chapters or both.if so then how .please reply asap.

    1. Prepare those chapters in the days upto 25. 26 is off again. Do mock tests too and if possible, do a quick syllabus recap as well

  2. Hope your analysis is true . i am scoring around 300 and hope to get IIT B CSE for which i have worked since last 2 years

          1. Can you write an article on what to do after JEE . I Am getting extremely bored at home

    1. Congratulations Prakhar Bhaiya on your achievement.
      I follow you on Brilliant.
      Three of you i.e. Sumanth Bhaiya,Aniket Bhaiya and you will surely get above 300 marks.

  3. Is it advisable to take mock tests the day before bitsat.and at what time should I ideally stop revision on the day before BITSAT exam.c an I watch a movie the day before the ex or will it distract me.

    1. I would not advise you too take mock tests one day before bitsat. You should relax and calm down

  4. Sir, no offence, but i seriously think that 150 marks this time will fetch a rank of 15000 or so and 200 marks may put you just under air 5000ish as everyone is getting good marks.
    Though i myself want it to be wrong but i can’t help thinking about it.
    What’s your view (desperately want to know).

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