JEE-Advanced Paper Analysis : Paper 2

JEE-Advanced is finally over. I bet all the students must be heaving a huge sigh of relief. Finally, the toughest of all exams is over. Now is the time to enjoy the vacations, party and have fun. A much needed break awaits those of you who gave today’s JEE-Advanced paper. Here is to Part 2 of the Paper Review of JEE-Advanced.

We saw a unique marking scheme this year in Paper 2 – The first 7 questions of each section were single correct type had +3/-1 with partial marks. Definitely an easy scheme by JEE standards. Paper 1 had a tougher marking scheme of the first 7 questions.The partial marks do more harm than good, as they provide a fall sense of security to the student. This was followed by 7 Multi Correct Answer Questions with +4/-2 and partial marking scheme, same as the first 7 questions of Paper -1. Note that this is a brutal marking scheme, and these questions should have been attempted with full care.

There were 4 questions of Paragraph type – Single correct with a pretty easy marking scheme of +3/0. So, these were definitely the questions to score in.

So, now let’s get down to analysing the level of the paper, subject wise.


Now, this paper had a good level of Physics. The questions dim demand imagination from the students and questions weren’t as straightforward as in Paper -1. The multiple correct questions were definitely easy though, and I can tell you that the exact same questions were present in my coaching classroom study material. So, not that tough for students going to a decent coaching. However, it being JEE, some imagination and understanding is expected from the student too. Electromagnetism questions were good. I personally liked them. Rotational mechanics questions were great and I hope you solved them, giving them the due respect and time that they deserved. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being insanely tough, I would rate the Physics portion as 8 (a moderately tough paper)


Once again, Chemistry is relatively easy. Many questions of Inorganic Chemistry were straight from NCERT, as far as I remember. Thus, the student must have scored well in those. Organic, too, was not that tough. The answers of the Organic Chemistry questions were quite straight-forward. Once again, theoretical knowledge was demanded of by the students, and the questions were not very innovative. All of the questions of the chemistry paper were pretty standard. Hence, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being insanely tough, I would rate the Chemistry portion as 5 (an easy level paper).


The subject that made so many students cringe in JEE-Main fared poorly in terms of difficulty in the first paper of JEE-Advanced this year.  However, the level was a bit better in paper 2, mainly because of the presence of more integral calculus, a tough unit by it’s very nature. However, it certainly wasn’t very tough. Trigonometry had a few direct questions too, something that happened in 2016 too. The signs are clear, JEE knows that many kids leave studying Trigonometry thinking that no direct questions would be asked on it. However, it has been asking direct questions from this unit and I think it;s time we began to give Trigonometry it’s due importance. That being said, as far as difficulty is concerned, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being insanely tough, I would rate the Maths portion as 7 (a normal level paper).

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