How you should be commenting…

Soo sooo many comments here on blog posts feel less like queries and more like someone is interrogating me. Guys, chill out a bit! Before you comment, make sure that –

  1. You have checked all other articles on the site. The answer to your queries might be lurking in a blog post itself.
  2. You comment only on the relavant posts and not on whatever post you happen to be reading.
  3. You should have atleast some prior knowledge of the thing before asking me certain questions.
  4. You should be sensible while asking anything. Why ask something if it doesn’t concern you? I know you have curiosities and you want to know a lot of things, but can you just think that my time is valuable too and that you are not the only one asking me stuff.
  5. You should not be mentioning other blogs and stuff. However noble your intentions might be, such comments shall be considered as advertisements and will be deleted.

It’s necessary you ask questions, but with a realisation that we are not here to spoon-feed you everything. We can just guide, you have to understand and act yourself. 

All the best !

Let me know what you think in the comments below !

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