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JEE-2017 is over and now, I am sure that most of you would have checked your scores. By this time, you are expected to have a pretty good idea about what your rank can be possibly. In such a case, with so many other engineering exams going on and stuff, it becomes highly important that you have all the options ready for your future college and stream. After all, choosing a college can be a life-changing decision with the power to potentially make or break your career. Another important decision is your branch. However, given India’s education scenario, things can get highly complicated. Getting the branch you like in the college you desire can be a highly unlikely scenario in India. At this point, I would urge all the students to just be a little bit flexible.

Think of it this way – It’s just like a typical differentiation problem. Find the maxima of so or so function under some constraints. That’s how life is always. And our goal should be to optimise the experience for the better. Finding the right balance can be a tricky business. I can give my two cents of wisdom, but the decision rests in your hands. You have to make the choice. No one else can make it for you.

I have personally seen that people regret the decisions they make when they are rigid. This has happened with me as well. Being rigid is perhaps the worst you can do to yourself at this stage. Don’t fix a college in your mind, unless it is too good. Definitely don’t fix a branch in your mind, especially if it is possible to get a branch change later in your college years. I will be writing about branch change soon, in as general a way as possible.

Let me tell you about myself. I had the following choices available to me –

  • Any BITS college, any branch.
  • Any IIT, any branch (except IITB CS)
  • Any other engineering college, any branch
  • NUS – CS
  • NTU – CS

In short, an ideal situation for any student. I chose IITB EE for some reasons. What’s important is the reasons. Try to be logical in your thought process, as I tried to do. I know you might not have as vast an array of options available. However, try to see how I thought, and try to be logical.

  • Because of the Bond limitations imposed in Singapore Universities, with an increased bond duration if receiving scholarship, I ruled out NUS and NTU.
  • IITs are far superior in terms of reputation, academics and opportunities as compared to all other engineering colleges within India, ruling out BITS and other Engineering Colleges.
  • Now, IITB is the best IIT according to rankings. I already knew the different issues about other IITs anyway – Poor living conditions of IITD, limited outreach of IITK, the immense cultural and language issues I would face at IITM, and well, the other IITs just don’t rank comparably to these 4. So, IITB was the one for me.
  • Now, having done coding and stuff as part of the board curriculum, I was pretty convinced that this was not particularly exciting for me. The only way I enjoyed CS classes in school were because they were usually free and the course was pretty easy as well. So, CS was out of the deal. EE was the one for me, especially as it has backgrounds in Physics as well. So, it was primarily my interest that I chose EE over CS.
  • Not that EE doesn’t need coding. It does use a lot of coding in certain courses. It’s just that it’s a very balanced curriculum and leads to a much more interesting scenario. For me, at least.

All you need to do is be well informedDo as much research as you can about colleges, branches, reviews and stuff. Take a well formed decision.

I would advise you to take decisions just the way I did – By enlisting all my available choices and eliminating them step by step. Remember that the decision is only yours and that it should only be your call, no one else’s. 

With that said, Prepsera announces it’s Counselling Series 2017. In this, we shall be providing you valuable suggestions, information and other stuff that you might be needing. 

Aakash Kapoor

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