Books for NEET/AIPMT Preparation

After counselling you all for JEE the past year, this year Prepsera shall start off with NEET guidance as well, thanks to a couple of my friends who cleared NEET this year. So, their advises shall be what I shall be writing on, including valuable inputs from our experienced faculty team, headed by Mohit Ryan. Let’s dive into the details of the exam, now. As mentioned earlier, the first step of the preparation of any exam is the material that we need to. The next step is to make a focused plan and the last step is to stick to it.

  • While NCERT is the Godbook for this exam, however you are advised to focus on other books as well and to not rely completely on it. While many questions can be directly lifted from these books, other questions have concepts or data that might not be present in NCERT,.
  • Understanding is more important than cramming, for sure. So, you are advised to learn the application of concepts rather than mugging up formulae and stuff.
  • Many students feel that as Mathematics is not included in the syllabus, calculus is not expected. However, this is a completely wrong notion. It is advised for you to have a basic hold of calculus. It will enable you to solve many questions and will speed up the solving of other questions.
  • For Biology, NCERT is extremely important. Read it like a holy book, again and again and again.
  • Trueman’ Biology is another book that you should use for preparing Biology.
  • For Physics, you should refer to HC Verma or DC Pandey. Although DC Pandey Series is the much more recommended one here, you can use HC Verma for very useful additionally practice.
  • Chemistry is the subject that demands a lot of time in your preparation. A lot of books are useful here, and you must use NCERT here.

Books that you shall be needing (A final compiled list) :

So, these are the books that you should be using. Additionally, you can use the material of various coaching classes in order to practice well.

All the best !

2 thoughts on “Books for NEET/AIPMT Preparation”

  1. Uhm for physical chemistry OP tandon/Rk gupta/RC mukherjee should also be used(any book having 200+ questions/chapter) and for Organic a side book like OP tandon at a basic level and MS chouhan elementary concepts can also be used(at a slightly advanced level of preparation). According to me these books are far more important that truman, which should strictly be used only if one person wants to get a top rank in JIPMER. It is highly useless if neet/aiims is considered.

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