JEE – Advanced 2017 Results to be Announced

The JEE Advanced 2017 results are supposed to be announced on 11 June, 2017 at 10 am. Now, I know that all of you would be quite anxious about what your results are. However, just relax, keep calm and keep in mind that these were the results of just an exam. Don’t stress yourself.

By the way, you should ideally ask everyone in your family and friend circle to open up the site where the results are gonna come, and equip everyone with your details. Cuz checking the JEE result is nothing lesser than a battle with everyone. The servers mostly suck, and if this year’s results announcement are like last year, then you need to be quick and fast. I was one of the few who could check their result by 10:30 am. Others who could not check by 10:45 am, were stuck till 5:30 pm. The servers had crashed  because of the excess load.
So, be lightning quick when you check the results. And as soon as you do, take a screenshot and stuff, and log out so that the server load reduces for others.

You can check your results here :

2 thoughts on “JEE – Advanced 2017 Results to be Announced”

  1. Hi team prepsera. Sorry for being late to say this. I would like to thank all the members of prepsera for continuously inspiring me and providing us with different questions and study material. I secured a rank in 4k. I know it not that good but I am still happy with it. I would especially like to thank Aakash Kapoor for his brilliant initiative.

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