1 = 10000 ! Confused? Don’t Be !

If I have realized one thing over time, it is that your rank hardly matters in the due course of your life. Be it any exam, the calibre of the top and bottom ranker might be different slightly but they possess certain factors that stay common and consistent throughout. Like determination, dedication, sincerity and hard work.

You might argue that there is a huge difference when it comes to the available options of the top ranker and the bottom ranker. But that’s not your shortcoming. It is the shortcoming of our education system, a system so skewed that ranks determine your career, not your interest.

For me, for Prepsera, for you, and for all the people that matter in your life, your rank hardly matters. “Top Rankers”, take note! “Bottom Rankers”, you too! None of you are any different. All of you are special in your own ways, and unique. So no need to feel too happy or disappointed. The ones who have got good ranks, they did well in a one day thing. Likewise for those who did bad. That’s hardly a metric of fair comparison between two individuals.

All I want to say is – Party On! You have worked hard, and now that the results have come, you deserve to take a long break. Leave apart the advertisements and felicitation functions of coaching institutions, that’s there modus operandi. What should concern you is to make full use of these vacations.

I hope that this batch of students would be less moronic than the previous batch. I hope this batch chooses what they like, and not what is currently trending. But then, you might be tempted to do so. Human tendency. Whatever you do, remember that that’s the way history shall judge you! 

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  1. What promises should I make to myself before beginning my JEE prep? IDK where to post this, but anyways:)

    1. Understand that such problems can be solved by changing your coordinate axes in such a way that direction along inclined plane is x-axis and perpendicular to it, upward, is y-axis. This helps simplify the problems

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