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With the JoSAA portal launched and the JEE Advanced results already out, this must be a frantic time for loads of students. After all, this is THE Most Important thing…. which branch and which college. Simply because, this is going to decide a large part of your career. Moreover, we see loads of scenarios in which students often ask :

Branch or College ? 

We know that this is definitely the hot topic of the time…Having answered a lot of questions on Quora about this. 

Now, what we believe is that this is a very personal decision. However, we shall just give you a few pointers to help you take this decision more smoothly.

There are certain benefits attached to choosing your own branch.

  • You get to work in the field of your choice. Most likely you will find your co-students to be passionate about your field. This will be a big boost for you.
  • Working in something that you are interested in makes sure that your work is more efficient and professional. Also, it helps your mind evolve.
  • More often that not, the branch of your choice ascertains a high CGPA for you…something that will matter a lot later on. 

There are also certain benefits attached to choosing your own college.

  • As you get a better college, you can try to work hard in the first year to get a Department Change to your preferred branch. This will ensure that you get your college and branch, both. However, be sure that only few students make it as the competition is tough here.
  • Companies seeking future employees are often affected by the College name and repute. As such, the old 7 IITs command the most respect. 
  • A good college tag also helps you getting scholarships for admission to other institutes for higher studies.

While a good college or a good CGPA is not the only thing that will matter… these things are still quite crucial. Now, you must make a choice. Also remember that certain students choose a college owing to its proximity to their home or girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s college,etc :p .

The links given below are the lists of the opening and closing ranks for each branch of each IIT for the years 2013-2015….compiled in a format to ensure the ease of the reader.

(Source : JoSAA Archives…. that is, completely reliable data)

2013 Rank vs Branch and IIT

2014 Rank vs Branch and IIT

2015 Rank vs Branch and IIT

Best of Luck,

Aakash Kapoor ( AIR-95 in JEE,2016)

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