JEE Counselling Tips: NITs

CSE/IT is undoubtedly the heart-throb of many Engineering aspirants in India.

Reasons are obvious.

Firstly, Learning programming is interesting and logical. Plus, it is more rewarding than Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical. Secondly, IT sectors and other software engineers recruiting companies offer a handsome salary package that is sufficient to attract students from all over the country to pursue Computer Science.

Many of you might have already shortlisted the colleges you’ll be filling in JoSAA. I know that you are eagerly waiting for the JEE MAIN ranks to be declared….or am i wrong? :p

Others, who are still confused with the college choices they should make or more importantly what college would suit them best with their respective AIR(All India Rank… although i think that this is a term that Indians know all too well)

TEAM PREPSERA brings to you one of the easiest ways to weigh your chance of getting a particular branch in a particular college; preferably a NIT.

To begin with here goes the last year’s opening and closing ranks for COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

CUT-OFFs 2015 of CSE/IT in NITs


Many students wish to join NITs for the sake of an atmosphere where they could evolve in the coming 4/5 years and get a worldwide exposure. At such a case; their priority is not just branch but also college. So, if for some reasons you rank is not at par with the CSE cut offs at your preferred college or instead of  Computer Science, more technical and machinery part of engineering excites you… then check for yourself which major engineering branch of NITs across INDIA suits you best.

A list of subtle core  engineering branches have been provided hereby with opening and closing ranks of last year for your reference.


Branch vs Rank of All NIT/All Branch 2014

Feel free to ask anything 🙂


Shaivy Adhikari (PrepAdvisor)


9 thoughts on “JEE Counselling Tips: NITs”

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  2. Hi! Aakash,I am Manish Thapliyal a EEE undergrad( the branch u got) but at NIT Uttarakhand and I am quite impressed by the work u are doing for our JEE Aspirants.

    But my problem is that I am in dilemma in whether to choose CSE in my second year or just continue with the branch I have.
    Actually core branch excites me but CSE placements and packages attracts me( For example: this time 30lpa being the heighest one in CSE from our NIT and EEE ended with the highest of 13.7lpa (in BPCL). Can u sort out my problem??

  3. Should i take up computerscience engineering even if iam not interested in it AS FAR AS SCHOOL LEVEL is concerned or will college syllabus be different and more interesting. iam totally not interested as far as school level is xoncerned.

    1. Coding is present in all branches. So you’ll have to do it everywhere. Secondly, take the branch that you like and not something that you dislike

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