Test series for NEET… Which one to choose?

Ask anyone, the only thing which can give us an idea regarding how good our preparation for any competitive exam, is a test-series. Now a number of test series for NEET are available,and the question which arises first is “Which one to choose?”. Now the 2 major test series available are those of  Allen and Aakash. The reason why I am naming these coaching institutes is because of the sheer number of  students who give their test series. 

While looking for any test series we must look out for the following points

  1. Relevance to NEET pattern: Allen tests win here hands-down. Their tests are, for the lack of a better  word, easier. The tests can be solved in the given time limit and have only a few absurd questions in Biology. Aakash tests on the other hand are tougher as the physics is far more lengthier and trickier, having a few questions which are modification of previous year JEE advanced questions as well. Even chemistry has quite a few absurd questions which can be found no where. Biology has too many questions out of NCERT which also makes the tests tougher. So if one is not very well prepared for NEET, they can solve Allen tests as Aakash tests can make you feel demotivated. But this being said, Aakash tests prepare you better to handle high pressure situations.
  2. Accuracy of Answer Key: I gave Aakash tests offline and Allen tests online. The Allen Online test series had far too many key errors as compared to the Aakash test series. So I guess this factor should be considered.
  3. Frequency of the tests: Allen tests are more frequently held as compared to Aakash tests. So one gets to practice a greater number of questions.
  4. Competition in the test series: If one gives the online test series of Allen, they won’t face any serious competition as not many people give the Online test series. Only the “open tests” held by Allen can give them an accurate idea. In terms of sheer numbers, more people give the Aakash AIATS, (i.e. upto 48,000 people).  Further its almost impossible to give offline test series of both as the dates might clash.

But all this being said, many 3 and 2 digit rankers that I know solved both the test series. So based on your current confidence level you can  opt for either of them or both.

But remember, however good/bad your performance is in these tests are, they can’t determine your score/actual performance in NEEE. So don’t let failure in them go to your heart and success in them go to your head. Just focus on getting individual concepts which you got wrong in them right.


Hope this clears some of your confusion,


2 thoughts on “Test series for NEET… Which one to choose?”

  1. I am doing a 2 year coaching in aakash for NEET and right now it’s my second year. I haven’t studied in 11th class (which I sincerely regret)
    Now I’m trying to revise 11th on my own and I am facing problems in doing so. I want to revise 11th course side by side so should I opt for a distance learning program for class 11. If yes, then which one do you recommend. Are their any other options?
    Please help me out as I am totally freaking out over here.

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