How to crack Chemistry for NEET

CHEMISTRY : In my opinion chemistry is one subject which uniformly checks a lot of components of your intelligence. It checks your conceptual understanding through organic,your mathematical skills through physical, and and your memorization skills through inorganic.

Now chemistry is considered to be a scoring subject, be it any competitive exam. I will be giving you a step by step analysis of how to crack it, specifically for NEET(UG). ;,

Now first things clear, although the different parts of chemistry might have a different approach, the basic underlying principal is same in all. In fact it goes for most subjects. That principle is: STRENGTHEN YOUR BASICS, AND THEN GAIN MASTERY OVER THAT SUBJECT.  It goes like this

  1. First start with reading your school level text+coaching modules+Notes(if you go to one) and try understanding most of the things written there
  2. Solve problems from your coaching modules and clear those doubts
  3. Consult good side books/teachers/internet for the problems you couldn’t solve
  4. Start solving any other good book for that particular subject
  5. Repeat point 1 and 3 again(And again and again)

Now each subject requires a slightly different approach

Physical: Physical tests your speed in calculations(mainly) and your conceptual understanding, at least in NEET. I would recommend reading your texts and solving as many questions you can. Specific books you can use are “> OP Tandon(neet edition)/ “>RC mukherjee/any other question bank I guess. For NEET I don’t think anything else is required.

Organic: Coaching notes can really help you here. Try gaining mastery over GOC(general organic chemistry), it is the chapter which can really make or break your Organic. Besides this I think “> OP Tandon for theory/questions is quite decent, and you can use “>SN Sanyal side by side for a few important mechanisms. In previous years of Neet, organic was quite easy, having questions mainly NCERT based. But then in NEET 2016 phase 2, a lot of really difficult questions came. Therefore I feel NCERT is not enough, and would recommend solving MS Chouhan elementary concepts, at-least some parts of it,if not the whole book.  Also try getting sheets if you go to a coaching institute, they really help

Inorganic: The part of chemistry, which most hate, but is actually the most scoring. For NEET, most questions can be solved with NCERT and coaching material. Also try giving each chapter as many revisions as you can, it will really help you.

Also I guess it goes without saying, solve past questions of JEE mains/AIEEE as many NEET questions are based on same pattern

I hope I was of some help,




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