How to prepare Physics for NEET?

Physics, the subject which is considered to be the nightmare for 99% of NEET aspirants. But is it really true? Most NEET aspirants fear physics because unlike biology, it can not be mugged up. Medical aspirants develop a habit of mugging up and feel that the same thing can be applied to physics. As a result they feel that they have understood the concept at home but can’t apply the same in examinations. This leads to a fear of physics resulting in a vicious cycle.

So how to get over this phobia and properly prepare Physics for NEET?

Firstly, you should try understanding what physics is all about. Unlike other subjects, physics is more like a puzzle or a brain teaser. It requires you to be imaginative and creative. Instead of testing your memory it tests your ability to understand a few core concepts and then applying those concepts to a number and variety of problems in order to come to a solution. It requires a different approach as compared to biology and chemistry, focusing more on inductive reasoning.

Secondly, in order to get a brief idea of these core concepts, start reading any basic physics text. A good starting point can be books like NCERT physics or your school level book,(i.e. state board/ISC board). Further modules/notes of any coaching (like Allen/Aakash, etc) can help you get a more comprehensive understanding of these concepts. If you feel that you have reached a really advanced level of preparation, you can read theory books like Halliday-Resnick and Walker, but its not really recommended.

Thirdly, to be perfect in the application of theory you have to be practice like crazy. The same numerical again and again. In fact when you solve the same question again, add new complications to it, thinking “what if this happened” or “what if that happened”. But if you are a beginner I would suggest that you be practical in the choice of your questions. At an initial level modules of coaching classes will help you get a strong grip. Then I would suggest that after mastering these modules you can try solving books like DC Pandey (medical edition) or HC Verma (a book which will really improve your concepts but may eat into some of your time, this will be covered in another post). This I feel will be the final level of your preparation. Another important source of good questions which are on NEET pattern are past questions of JEE mains, which I would recommend solving at least once. You may touch some questions of JEE advanced,especially those which are more conceptual and less mathematical.

Lastly and most importantly, have fun. Don’t think about what will be the result, focus on enjoying the subject. As you solve more and more physics, you might start enjoying it more than biology and chemistry.

Hope this aids well in your preparation,


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