Inorganic- The better way to prepare

Inorganic. This word is lodged deep inside in the psyche of a JEE Aspirant. As soon as the ears hear an “in-” a chill hurtles down his spine. Relax, inorganic is a wolf in a mammoths skin. The course is not very specific and information available is enough to boggle anyone who attempts to mug it all up. What we need is a reliable information source and then, a method to organize the information so that we can retain it more efficiently. Let’s first talk about the source:-

From my experiences, the magnus opus of all inorganic chemistry books are the humble ncerts. JEE Main often just picks up lines from the text and frames a question Coming to JEE Advanced, I know many people(including me about 6 months ago) would cry that Advanced has put up questions that are mentioned nowhere in the aforementioned books. However, many are oblivious to the fact that all the questions(almost) that are asked have their fundamentals/Compounds mentioned in the ncerts. To make my point clear, i present to you this question:-

Q.22 The colour of the X2 molecules of group 17 elements changes gradually from yellow to 
violet down the group. This is due to 
[A] the physical state of X2 at room temperature changes from gas to solid down the 
[B] decrease in ionization energy down the group 
[C] decrease in π*-σ* gap down the group 
[D] decrease in HOMO-LUMO gap down the group


Now the requisite theory is not mentioned in ncert, however, the fact that the color varies is. I answered this question, even though I had never read about it anywhere. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? I had previously asked my chemistry teacher out of curiosity what the reason for the color variation was, and he had told me about it. Bottom line, to be able to answer such questions, you can either plough through J.D Lee, Cengage Publishers etc. but believe me, being curious will fetch you valuable marks and save precious time. I personally spent a tonne of time on cengage , but while appearing for the examination, I realized most of the questions could be answered if I had a hold over basic concepts and was thorough with ncert.


Now moving on to a way organize the maelstrom of information we are thrown into.

I am enunciating the way which helped me immensely;but keep in mind;If you really want to have confidence over inorganic, I am sorry it is as tough as sync rapping to rap god; possible but requires a tonne of time and should be done i moments of extreme leisure. What can be done is to make a separated notebook, where you note exceptions and anything you feel you wont remember. Use different colored pens and keep it neat. Write down any interesting thing you learn or hear from someone so that instead of going through all the highlighted text on your textbooks, you have a summary in handy. As you go through more and more material, keep on adding additional information to your inorganic Bible and soon enough, you will have a notebook which many of your peers will envy! (Keep that notebook under lockdown if required)

This can also be extended to all subjects. Believe me it will do wonders in the few months before D-day, it did for me.Keep practicing questions on the side from coaching material and previous year JEE papers. Road Maps and subjective questions are a wonderful way to gauge your preparation.

Hope inorganic isn’t an enigma anymore!


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  1. How to increase ur concentration , increase sitting. And how to finish theory quickly and effectively . My half time wasted on this which is not good. Plzz give some advice

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