How to go about for biology for NEET

Biology, the favorite subject of most NEET aspirants and the subject which accounts for 50% of the paper.  However in my opinion, biology for NEET requires  you to be very choosy about your study sources in order to save time.

First and foremost the most important book for NEET is NCERT biology. In NEET 2017, 78 questions had come directly or indirectly from NCERT biology. So you should know every line of NCERT. In fact, in my own case I lost out on around 4-5 of these questions because my knowledge of NCERT wasn’t perfect.

After doing NCERT you can read Aakash/Allen/any other coachings modules around 4 times along with continually revising NCERT and coaching notes.

After this you need good question practice to tackle specific NEET pattern questions. I would recommend solving modules+past papers+model papers of coachings. In my own experience I feel that Allen question papers have more appropriate questions for NEET. Aakash papers have a lot of unnecessary nonsense asked at times which is not required. Personally I feel you should solve both though.

Also give as many olympiads as you can in this time period,like KVPY, NSEB,NSTSE etc as they help you learn some new concepts and facts which might be useful for NEET.

Besides these study materials , doing anything is honestly got very little reward to effort ratio and would eat into your time for physics and chemistry preparation.

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