Book review: Objective Physics for medical entrances, by DC Pandey.

One of the most commonly used books by students preparing for medical  entrances is  Objective Physics by DC Pandey.

The book is designed especially on the pattern of NEET . It has a HUGE plethora of questions per chapter arranged in such a manner that it has various levels depending  on the difficulty. It also has a lot of questions which are modifications of previous year questions of Jee Mains. Although the book doesn’t have any subjective problems like HC verma, the questions are far more streamlined as far as NEET preparation is concerned.

The book does have a few errors as far as the answer key is concerned but the solutions are mostly accurate. Further there are a few repetitions as far as the questions are concerned. So one should solve the book intelligently, leaving questions which are being repeated .

It covers almost around 90% of the concepts out of which questions are asked in NEET. But in my opinion solving all chapters are a waste of time, especially after you have solved the modules of any coaching institute. So I guess you should solve

Mechanics(from kinematics to rotational, gravitation I don’t think is required, as most of the possible questions are covered by coaching modules)

Note: Solve LAWS OF MOTION and ROTATIONAL MOTION properly. Those are very important to get a grip on many parts of physics as a whole.



In current electricity , I would recommend doing only the questions relating to circuit diagrams

Moving charges and magnetism

You may do optics,waves and SHM if you are weak in those topics.

Now another question which a lot of students ask me is “how to tackle the level 2 questions given in the book?”…The thing is many of those questions are beyond the scope of NEET, to be honest. But they really help in improving ones concepts. So I would recommend taking the help of a teacher and going through those questions as they will give you more confidence in the subject.

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