Linux is Over-Hyped… My take on the one and only free OS

Don’t get me wrong here, Linux is a great OS, especially for budding Engineers and Computer Scientists (the sort of people who are expected to know everything about their devices and are expected to tweak them as these). It’s just that the advantages stop right here. Maybe being free could be another advantage. Maybe.

All in all, you get what you pay for. But if you look at any of the coding forums and stuff, you would see how Linux users (typically, geeks and nerds) bash others and convince them to leave Windows/Mac and start using Windows. It’s just that… their reasons are hardly justifiable.

Let me get it clear in a few points – 

  1. Lack of Optimisation : No Linux distribution (aka distro) is optimised. As a result, they can often be buggy and resource intensive. Ask any Linux user : A dual boot machine would have more battery life on Windows than on Linux. And that sucks real bad, especially if you mainly work on your device without being connected to the charger.
  2. Lack of App Support : The moment you install Linux on your machine, forget the comfort of third party apps. Most of the super-useful apps will not be available for Linux. Thinking of playing a game on Linux? Good joke! Only games on Steam have a chance of running on your Linux machine. Thinking of using Photoshop? Won’t work.
  3. FOSS Sucks : FOSS (Free, Open Source Software) sucks big time. Sure, it gets basic stuff done but anything beyond that is too much to ask for. You won’t have the polish of MS Office or Apple Apps on any FOSS software. Heck, many developers don’t care enough to even build a basic app for Linux. Be prepared to gnash your teeth and bang your head against the wall out of pure frustration caused by the lack of good third party apps.
  4. Not User-Friendly : Any long time Linux user will tell you that terminal reigns supreme here. Almost nothing can be done without typing commands into the Terminal. And that’s not user friendly, at all. What’s user friendly is how things are done in Windows or in macOS. So, newbies beware. It’s going to be painful. At least for some time.
  5. Security : Although security is said to be a strength of Linux and viruses are rare, it doesn’t mean that you are fully secure. There is a lack of good antivirus software for Linux as well. So, even a simple virus can render your computer useless. Windows and Mac users are much prepared and in a better place. But hey, that’s what they pay for.

Overall, my assessment of Linux has been this (And I have been using a Ubuntu/Windows dual boot machine for more than a year now, with advanced knowledge of both OS) : Linux is good for it’s price. However, if you are not going to code much, then Linux is pretty much useless for you. It’s great for coders, but if you can shell out money, then go for a Mac.

So, if you have money and coding isn’t what you do, buy a Windows laptop.

If you have money and coding is what you do, buy a Mac.

If you’re broke and coding is what you do, go for any of the Linux distros.
Cheers !


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