Dear Apple haters, Here’s something for you…

Take a tour of the internet, especially tech blogs and YouTube channels. One common feature I have noticed : Hate for Apple runs high. And I fail to understand why? Is it so big an issue as to what device others buy and use?Mostly, people criticise Apple for being overpriced. To justify their argument, they state what all features Androids have. However, all such arguments have a gaping loophole, and that’s what I want to bring out today.

iOS devices are made by only one company in the world : Apple. On the other hand, Android devices are manufactured by so many hardware manufacturers. As such, does it seem fair to compare the features of one iPhone to the collective features of a number of Android devices?

Sure, one Droid has waterproof capabilities. Sure, a few have inductive charging. Sure, a few have this cool feature or the other. But does it mean that the iPhone sucks if it lacks one feature? Does it mean that Apple is lagging behind the competition when it can’t implement all the hundreds of features introduced in Droids? I don’t think so.

Anyone with a cool, analytic mind and a bit of knowledge can tell you that Apple doesn’t work on this philosophy. iPhone wasn’t the first touch device, iPod wasn’t the first of it’s kind and neither was the iPad the first tablet. However, these were the first of their kind to create each of their respective markets. These were the first devices to come with features tuned to perfection. And that’s what Apple’s philosophy has been : To either do it perfect or to not do it at all. Unlike Android phones (who just want something to brag about) and, on an unrelated note, Microsoft (laptops and Windows OS and stuff).
Android is a great OS, agreed. It’s just not perfect. It lacks the polish of iOS, the security of iOS and the durability of iOS. Not to mention the software updates and tremendous backward compatibility of iOS. Android has it’s own bag of tricks that iOS doesn’t, and I appreciate it for that.

If Google and Apple can stay in peace and respect each other as equals, then why can’t we, the users of their products, do the same? After all, does it really matter what you think of someone else’s phone? If it does to you, all I’d say is… Get a life !

8 thoughts on “Dear Apple haters, Here’s something for you…”

  1. iPhones have waterproofing certification ( 7 and 7 plus) and also inductive charging will be on iPhone (edition , 8 and 8 plus or call it as iPhone 8 , 7s and 7s +)…. just a week left !!!

    1. Yeah, I meant the hate comments before 7 used to be all about waterproofing. The same way that they now are about bezels or oled screens

  2. Hey , Its not that we hate Apple, we as Indians always look for things which works out cheap and good.
    Eg: When someone comes and tells that he’s buying the new iPhone, it’s a common feeling that we feel it’s not worth spending alot money for iPhone.
    Reason is that all the basic actions can be fulfilled by both the phones . So instead they may opt for other good Android phones like one plus which is way cheaper than iPhone

    Lol , nobody is fighting here , it’s always a sarcastic argument btw Apple and Android user.

    1. See, I don’t think you got the point. I did not write this article just for Indians. This is an article valid for everyone. And well, agreed that basic usage can be done by any phone. However, in the tech industry, only Google, Apple and Samsung drive innovation and make new tech. These Chinese companies just copy the manufacturing processes. How are such companies like one plus better then? Such companies, if present without innovators like Apple, would drive the market to ruin and so I personally hate all Chinese phone companies.

  3. I think the hate for phone has rised due to its encryption based os it does allows you to customise much which tech geeks of today want to, An Android phone is much useful due to its users from every age and its much more vaiety available in market although iPhone gives u a great look especially its the best for those who do not want to explore much on their phones and want the respect from their mates

      1. And what customisation do you want on your phone? I tell you, customisation doesn’t hold a candle to security and speed any day.

    1. If that’s your take on still have to learn more. I can seriously tell you that you need to know more about how things work. The only thing Android phones have is less cost, but that comes with a lesser performance and a lot of tradeoffs

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