JEE going Online? My views on this…

Of late, we all have been receiving notifications that JEE-Advanced is going to be a completely online exam from 2018. How exactly is this going to affect you?

In my opinion, not much. Well, the ones who are preparing sincerely for JEE won’t be affected much. However, the ones who rely upon guesswork or luck while attempting the paper are in for a rough ride. The paper is expected to be composed of short answer questions instead of the usual objective questions. How it is going to be implemented, though, is a challenge that honestly beats me. I mean, just think about it. If we have a subjective type paper in an online format, how does the JEE board propose to get the solutions in a digital format. Using a stylus and slate would be quite costly, and hardly practical (It takes a lot of time to produce legible handwriting using a stylus). Imho the paper won’t be subjective at all. It’s more or less likely to be like JEE-Main (Online) or BITSAT.
Be prepared for different question types though. I don’t think that many single correct questions would be asked. I feel that Multiple answer questions and Assertion – Reason questions would form a majority of the paper. The logic is simple : These question types are closest to the subjective format. Be prepared for this change.
JEE-2018 won’t be an issue for sincere students. Most of us practice subjective questions as well as objective questions during our preparation. Also, we know how to write solutions in a subjective exam (Courtesy : Board exams). So, it’s not going to be an issue. Prepare as you were preparing. Don’t let the change in exam pattern disturb your mental equilibrium.
Keep Calm and Keep Studying !

All will be well.

4 thoughts on “JEE going Online? My views on this…”

  1. I too have the same doubt. ‘Short answer type questions’ makes no sense to me.

    Also, is there a need to do anything specifically for the online mode? Joining an online test series, for example?

    1. Well, coaching institutions are hardly a credible source. They will change if the pattern changes. However, changes in pattern are announced by August to September, so no changes in pattern hopefully

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