To do well in the upcoming exams, join an Online Test Series…

And this applies to all upcoming exams : JEE, BITSAT, Other Engineering Exams, anything that has gone the way of online exams. There is a very simple reason for it : Developing a habit. Pen and paper based exams are second nature to most of us for the simple reason that we have been giving such examinations all our lives. However, think back to the time when you had your first examination… Didn’t it feel awkward and something out of your comfort zone? Well, that’s because you had no habit of doing it.

For any competitive exam, speed is of paramount importance. That, coupled with accuracy can give astounding results. However, most of us face a huge hurdle while giving exams : Lack of time. It’s this flawed time management that makes us inaccurate while solving examinations, makes us skip some questions and overall lowers our scores.

Questions and their difficulty level is something beyond our control. Whatever is in our control, however, must be optimised and made as efficient as possible so as to spend the most time on solving the paper. This is the very reason why we must be accustomed to various paper patterns. This is the very reason why studies are encouraged during the time slot of the actual examination : so as to ensure peak brain performance during th examination. It’s not rocket science. It’s just a matter of habit.

And so, habits we must develop in order to succeed in examinations. 20 years ago, just having test papers would suffice. 10 years ago, things were much different : A test series was essential for a good rank. 5 years ago, classroom coaching became a necessity to do well. And now, as we see a shift in the paper pattern, having an Online Test Series becomes extremely important. 

Just go and buy a good Online Test Series from a respectable coaching. My choices would be : Bansal (Quality of Papers), FIITJEE (Tough Papers with Loads of competition) or Allen (Easy papers with a lot of competition).

Give tests regularly. Don’t miss any test scheduled in the test series that you purchase. Keep practising, revising and analysing your performance in these tests. This will help pinpoint your weak areas and would strengthen your performance tremendously.
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  1. i am seriously struggling with centre of mass chapter,what to do?should i read theory once more or what else should i do?i am scoring seriuosly bad marks in mock test,so pls help?

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